O'Woks on Pico For Kosher Chinese and Japanese

A couple of /Chinese food truisms combine at the recently opened O’Woks on Pico, just east of Robertson. The first truism is that combination Chinese and Japanese restaurants are generally bad news.

The second truism is that Kosher Chinese food isn’t particularly good

So when a Kosher restaurant serving Chinese and Japanese food opens up, the results are predictable. I realize that O’Wok is targeted at a specific demographic, so I’m not going to make negative comments about the food at O’Wok, except to add that the price point is very high–entrees start at $20 and run past $30, and lunch specials are $18. And I will say that the interior is nicely done in modern day hipster. O’Woks is at 8657 Pico Blvd.

Impressive chandavkl.

Those prices remind me of the time I stopped and looked at the menu of the Chinese restaurant at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It was something like…

Kung Pao Chicken - $30
Sweet & Sour Pork - $30

and most of the other dishes were much higher.

I guess it’s for ballers only. :stuck_out_tongue: What a joke.

Kosher Chinese/Japanese with a touch O’ the Irish or something?

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I’ll try it since its kosher and report back.


The fucking things I do for the fucking crew.

why would you when chandav already said it sucks donkey balls?

in fact, as i’ve asked him repeatedly, why eat this shit at all? for the 'gram?

Well sometimes you gots the kosher friends and such and this shit might even be a tadbbit fucking better than kabob and Chinese food.

Too bad The Magic Carpet is now long gone.

Fuck that shit was dope.

Speaking of which anywhere to get a melawach on the current scene ???

[quote=“kevin, post:6, topic:283, full:true”]
Well sometimes you gots the kosher friends[/quote]
that’s why Ditmas opened: to entertain the gorgeous orthodox women.

Kevin, bingo.

Thanks. You might have just saved me from certain fucking …

Look but never, ever touch. OK don’t even look, actually.