Oybar in Studio City

I’m surprised that there’s no mention of Oybar in Studio City! It’s owned and run by Jeff Strauss (of Jeff’s Table). Once a TV writer for shows like Friends, Jeff took up cooking during the pandemic and has amassed a following for his inventive, fusion-y menu showcasing primarily American, Asian, and Jewish food.

This dive bar was formerly know as the Oyster House which opened in 1972. They actually kept the original signage and display it within the restaurant. This spot does not look like a bar or restaurant that would churn out such good quality drinks or food, but that it does! Drinks were incredibly well made ( I ordered a Vesper, Negroni, and Boulevardier), and every dish on the menu is close to a slam dunk.

Their house burger is a top 5 contender in the city in my opinion. Their wagyu pastrami quesadilla is the ultimate late night drunk food. The crispy potatoes are addicting. The chicken donburi with togarashi, aji verde, negi, and pickled strawberry buds was a surprising flavor combination that worked flawlessly. From what I read, their menu changes frequently, so I definitely need to come back and try the matzo ball ramen and chicken wings. Highly recommend if you’re near the area!


Absolutely the best LA burger I’ve had in 2023.


looks great. Thanks for bringing a new place to our attention!


Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check it out.

Gotta say though… as tasty as those potatoes are, what are they thinking not offering fries with that burger??


I didn’t think the potatoes were that good. Burger was though.


Went last night. The super-crispy texture of the potatoes is neat but I didn’t find them flavorful at all. Without the aioli (they also have a chutney that I didn’t try), it’s a bland experience. Maybe that’s broadly true of potatoes anyway, but after two recent tuber standouts (the sweet potato at Gjelina and the papa a la huancaina at Rika’s in Koreatown), I expected more. Also, they give you a ton here. It’s a bucket of spuds. The smoked salmon yaki onigiri ruled, however, and was in many ways the potatoes’ polar opposite: Soft and chewy, intriguing mix of flavors, single item.


Gotta do the chutney on their potatoes. It’s the best part.

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Second visit tonight accompanied by my incredible daughter. I think Sergio was in the house as it was so much better then my first - which was quite good.
Did not take pictures of the cocktails, but we both started with classic martinis, Ford’s gin and a hint of dry vermouth. First up was hamachi crudo, a perfect rendition IMO. We drank the sauce after finishing the fish.

Potatoes were next, no picture, but so much better than my first visit. Crisp outside and creamy inside. Got both the chutney and the aioli, but they were delicious without sauces.
Daughter got an Oyburger and I got the pastrami Reuben quesadilla. Both were excellent.

Highly recommended!


Was it the martini on their cocktail list? If so, they use a mix of both Dolin dry and Dolin white vermouths. It’s a nice touch and they do it at the perfect ratio.

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Yes it was. I really like that they don’t serve it in the old school martini glass. An excellent libation.

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