O'Young's Rock Pot (Temple City)

Filing this report for @chandavkl

Stopped off this afternoon at Cloverleaf to pick up some peanut mochi bread for a redeye flight tonight and noticed that O’Young’s Rock Pot just opened up.

Seemed to be some sort of stone pot restaurant. Business seemed good.

O’Young’s Rock Pot
9461 Las Tunas, Temple City

Finally! A great Irish stone pot joint in our metropolitan area. Los Angeles, you’ve arrived.

Travel well. I might be on that same flight (look out for the dude passed out in First Class, reeking of mooncakes and Johnny Walker Blue).

And you wonder why we think you’re a baller??? :wink:

You do realize that J.L. is only flying first class because his G7 is in the shop for maintenance, right?

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