Pa Ord Zappver - North Hollywood. So legit it hurts

It’s 10:30pm. Got old people singing karaoke and other assorted live Thai music. Women workers in the corner doing prep work.

More importantly, $4.50 small bowls of yen ta fo. Awesome pork jerky. Mother fucking singha. Why do I need Thai town again?

Please note, by no means am I saying this is a destination restaurant. This is however my favorite of the pa Ord locations.

Tipped the musician $5, had 2 beers, ate a ridiculous amount of food and still spent less than $50.


One of the employees is up there singing now. This is awesome.



Singha life.

you put hot sauce on top of the yen ta fo? Or am I totally off?

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That’s completely un-adulterated, as it comes from the kitchen. No idea what that is but I presumed it was what makes the yen ta fo, yentafo-ey.

For me though the tom yum noodles are definitely tastier, but the yen-ta-fo is the smarter small bowl buy as it’s a 50% discount vs the 33% discount for tom yum/boat.

I’ll be back on Saturday for some more thai karaoke, singha, and pork jerky.

no love for chang?

This is your favorite Pa Ord location?

Yes. I found the sunset one terribad (and somehow more expensive than the other two locations), the one by ruen pair is pretty good but this one has friday and saturday karaoke.

Valley FTC party?


I claim table 7.

but are there nubile servers like at Darabar? Asking for a Valley friend.

Unfortunately there are definitely not.

Nubile servers at Darabar eh? ::yelps furiously::


No pictures of said nubile servers on yelp. @TonyC, get on that.

FTC is not your personal army.

This accurately represents my feelings.

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I’m up for it. Depending on the night (Mon, Wed Thus), this is way easier for me than more central LA locations.

But karaoke/live music is only on Fri and Saturday. Evidently Friday is the girl, Saturday is the guy.

I can do Sat, too (just not THIS Sat). :wink:

more importantly, and i know this is a stupid question and i don’t care, tony,
given the logos on their facebook splashpage (which is far as i can get),
is darabar a good place to catch a futbol match on the t.v.?

probably not.

but if you want to drink $40 of johnnie black while eating one of the best Thai oyster pancakes (I have not tried pok pok’s) in LA, this is the place.

y’know, whiskey is an underrated food friendly beverage.
on exotic travels to foreign lands, i’ve seen many a bottle on the table of the locals along with plates of food.
although i’ve read it supposedly dulls the palate and yadda yadda yadda.