Pacific Time new bakery/market

Since I know many Chowhounders…errr FoodTalkers enjoy going to JT’s Thai in Linda Vista (by the now-billionaires Ballast Point/Homebrew Mart) I just wanted to toss out a mention of a new bakery/market that opened up in the same space called Pacific Time.

It is mainly a bakery focusing on traditional breads, as well as baked goods. They also have a small market of local food goods, a cheese and meat counter, and beer/wine for dine-in and to go. We have picked up several different loaves of bread and so far have been very happy with them. I am thrilled to have an alternative to chilaquiles and breakfast burritos in the area, as they have breakfast sandwiches and DELICIOUS scones.

I am not affiliated in any way, just local and excited to see a great addition to the neighborhood. Check them out and let me know if you find any good eats.


It’s not really clear from their webpage but do they make their bread in-house or do they purchase it somewhere else. And how do they compare to Prager Brother bread ?

They make their own, and while it LOOKED great, I had only the bread on my sandwich- which was excellent. A real cheese monger as well with some interesting selections- ask him to taste.