Packaged Guacamole - what crap

I rarely buy it, and if I do, it is usually a small container of the Whole Foods stuff if I’m in a hurry. Today, I stopped in Sprouts for a few things. I saw some in one part of the store (1 option) and read the ingredients. Sugar? Really? I went to another part of the store, and there were more options. More sugar? Tomatillos as ingredient 1 in another (and not labeled as a salsa w/avocado)? Another advertised “no sugar” on the package, so I guess that putting sugar in the guac is common. So much crap in these things. I then saw the Sprouts store brand, which I bought. No sugar. Wasn’t bad, and was quick and perfect to put on top of the frittata I was making. (Nonetheless, none of this is as disgusting as when my other half’s aunt put mayo in her guac. Le barf.)

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You think that’s bad?

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This is good.

Packaged guac is pretty gross but our locL Albertsons sells a plastic tub of it that is made fresh daily and pretty much all avocado with a little bit of onion in it (maybe some cream too?). I’m known, in our family, for making really good guac from scratch but, if I’m short on ripe avocados, this stuff is perfectly fine to add to what I have as the base.

Try Good Foods Tableside Chunky Guacamole. It looks super generic but tastes better than every packed guac I’ve ever tried and a few fresh versions too. Just avocados, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and lime juice. I usually get it at the Target near me but Costco has the best deal on it.