Pailin advanced

This place quickly became our #1 many years back when a buddy suggested we try it. I’m really glad that FTC has a consensus about their greatness. Their dishes are so well executed and interesting. A small family operation keeping things simple and authentic. I just can’t get enough of that place, it’s by far the most our most frequented restaurant. There’s a fresh menu printed (which means prices went up) but is still fantastic.

Upon first visits I suggest people try their northern thai sausage, clams, and sour sparerib apps with beer (byob if you’re chill)
jackfruit salad
super fragrant shrimp noodle (silver noodle, low carb) hot pot… the chili sauce this is served with is some of the best in the world
kao soi obviously but theirs is fairly small, i like it more at spicy thai bbq
shrimp ball in curry with sticky rice
raw crab papaya salad
fermented bamboo shoot dish if you’re a really daring person…

pailin 101

What we’ve been doing recently when thinking that we should try a Thai place we haven’t had yet is going to Pailin instead and ordering only things we’ve never had. And our roster of regular rotation of dishes there is approaching 15!!! These are from last visit

Pailin 201

Northern Thai Larb made with loads of fresh blood. Nothing like larbs we’re used to. I’d eat this with their Nam Prik

Shrimp roll app

crispy catfish curry with sticky rice

Pa low (kai pa lo)… a super fragrant, sweet five spice dish with tons of star anise, pork belly, tofu, egg. apparently takes days to complete. this one is a special, hopefully they have some when you’re ready. it’s eaten over plenty of steamed rice…

Kaffir lime leaf fish… on the menu it’s listed as jellied fish or something like that… but it has very little jelly… it’s like fish aspic used as suspension to set it up like this


That pork stew looks insanely good.

Is it always on the menu or a off the menu special?

Off menu, usually not available… it’s pretty nuts.

Was gonna say, I sure as heck do NOT remember seeing anything like that on the menu when I was there a few weeks ago. Solid reporting.

It was able to escape my teeth on our 20-30 visits. Good thing I’m always probing them and chatting them up about interesting food.

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Are the beer and iphone 6s also off menu?


Great thread. Thanks. Pailin has definitely become my favorite Thai spot for dining in.

In addition to the good stuff, it helps that they do the more dumbed down dishes really well if I’m going out with non adventurous eaters who want to order pad thai and glass noodles…

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there’s basically nobody you know that will not enjoy KaoSoi

OoooooYeaaaaa…Just got my KaoSoi fix yesterday

Of course.

Everyone I take there enjoys the khao soi and all the other dishes I make them try. Some friends also like to order their vanilla staples though and Pailin does them well.

What do you think about Khao Soi By Inthanon?

Yes, their pad see ew is fantastic. Their wok game is really strong.

Have not been. Do you recommend? Also “Mee Krop” Where is this dish at? so hard to find one.

yea i dug it… it’s nice because they offer variations … rich broth. no idea about mee krop… i think you can just type that into yelp

Northern sausage were really good.

Khao soi broth was great, dish as a whole seemed kind of bland. I thought it wasn’t spicy but maybe my palate’s too fireproof, by the end I was sweating profusely.

This was presumably not the shrimp noodle dish @Nemroz recommended. Perfectly OK but a waste of precious appetite.


hi… yes Kao Soi isn’t supposed to be very spicy, though they always have chili on the table. Shrimp Noodle Hotpot comes like this

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“Shrimp In Hot Pot Fish Maw Soup”?

No. I don’t know how it appears on the menu. Should just say Shrimp noodle hotpot. That’s how i order it.

Robert, it’s on the back of the new menu under seafood dishes.