Palette Tea House Opening In Tustin Marketplace

As I’ve mentioned in the past while the Los Angeles area clearly in the aggregate has the best Chinese food in the US, the San Francisco Bay Area has the best dim sum and Cantonese food. There are at least 10 Bay Area dim sum restaurants better than the best down here. Two of those ten are branches of Palette Tea House (and a third is the affiliated Dragon Beaux, all three bring part of the Koi Palace empire). So it’s exciting that Palette is opening up in Tustin Marketplace. Not only because it’s great to get a branch of Palette down here, but also because the current QPR (quality price ratio) for dim sum in Irvine currently isn’t very good.


Exciting to hear, yes, but also not without a modicum of trepidation. Case in point: Every Chef Tony location in SoCal has been a piece of underwhelming, steaming piece of meh.

I truly hope Palette Tea brings their A-game to SoCal. We need it.


I know what you mean. We went to Palette’s Las Vegas branch shortly after they opened last year and it wasn’t very good. It’s getting rave reviews now so maybe they’ve turned it around. Or perhaps the bar in Las Vegas is lower.