Palms Ramen Yumeya: A Pictorial Essay

In probably the quietest of grand openings of any ramen-ya I’ve yet seen in L.A., Palms Ramen Yumeya has opened for business in (of course) Palms, at the space formerly occupied by the former Beard Papa’s (at the corner of Palms & Sepulveda). And not only is ramen offered, but tsukemen is available as well.

Don’t the lack of fanfare fool you, because I think Palms Ramen Yumeya currently serves the best bowl of tsukemen in L.A. - Sharing my love for the dipping noodles at Tsujita LA (but without the wait at Tsujita LA). The tsukemen broth is delicious, with small bits of pork accenting it throughout. The tsukemen at Yumeya, however, pleases the palate with a different, more subtle strategy. It differs from Tsujita’s tsukemen in the sense that it is neither overtly greasy nor unctuous, yet still naturally rich and so satisfying on even second and third bites. Great stuff.

And how is the ramen there, you ask? Answer: Damn good! The tasty tonkotsu broth fits well with the thin, bite-worthy noodles which I had trouble slurping only because I was too eager to bite into them. Again, the broth is a “clearer” but just as complex version of the broth at Tsujita LA. The chashu was carefully sliced, and juicy. The ajitama (extra) was wonderfully prepared.

Note: Even if you’re not usually into spicier ramen (such as myself), I’d still highly recommend adding at least a bit of their housemade chili paste to the ramen - The chili paste wasn’t particularly spicy in and of itself, but what it does so well is that it “opens up” even more notes in the pork ramen broth!

I’ve gone back two more times since the first, and this place consistently delivers its flavor punches on each visit. Side dishes include well-prepared and delicious karaage and gyoza. Service is warm and welcoming, and the price is extremely reasonable. If you live and/or work in West L.A. - This will likely be your new lunch love.


Palms Ramen Yumeya
11127 Palms Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


randomly…does anyone know what the hell happened to beard papas? seems they’re closing locations left and right.

awesome JL. Can’t wait to try it.

Thanks…I’ve been looking in and was wondering…That’s next to the Trader Joe’s I shop at.

They better not close the Gardena location. I just might die…

There is a Yumeya in Gardena?!

No, sorry. That was in reply to Ns1 re: Beard Papa’s.


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I got lots of smiles.

Got a chance to try it out thanks to @J_L. :smile:

Ordered their Tonkotsu Ramen:

The soup is as JL mentioned, lighter than Tsujita’s, but it’s still definitely of the heavy Pork Bone variety, porky, oily, heavier than say a regular Shio or Shoyu Ramen. It’s sip-worthy and tasty, and less salty than Tsujita.

Their noodles are the thin straight type, but I found mine slightly overcooked (only slightly).

Their Pork Chashu is fresh (FTW!), but more on the firm side (not a bad thing). It wasn’t the silky buttery protein that was like Kitakata’s Pork Toro, nor as tender as Tsujita’s, but it was very good.

Their Egg unfortunately was overcooked, with no real soft, gooey factor.

One thing: If you’re averse to MSG, you can ask the kitchen to make your Ramen without it. The cooks confirm they can leave it out upon request.

Overall some legit Ramen in the area around Palms. As JL said, I’d come here if Tsujita was slammed with too many people, or if I wanted something a touch lighter. Thanks JL!

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Thanks for the report back! I’m sorry their ajitama game was off on your visit. Did you try the broth with some chili paste?

ooh! I missed that. I’ll definitely try some of the chili paste on my next visit. :smile:

Overall I like this place. Thanks JL!

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I dunno… Best Tsukmen. That is a hefty statement! Can’t wait to try although the egg quality issue worries me. Also the parking in that lot it shares with the Trader Joes is a complete PITA.


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Looks yumey!

Park on the streets.

What streets? Palms? There is like room for four spots that are always taken. No parking on Sepulveda due to those apartments. That is my last Trader Joes of desperation in the area. With the new one coming in at the Fox Hills Mall (Culver City is becoming the land of Target and Trader Joes) had looked forward never to have to go there again… but I am a Tsukemen FIEND. le sigh


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Where? In the Mall?

Many, many years ago I had my first taste of what was I guess could be called Japanese-American food at that exact location. It was Palms Fried Shrimp, run by a nice husband and wife. I learned to love all of the old school classics they served with sukiyaki probably the most adventurous thing served. It closed good gosh maybe 35 years ago. Their son went off to med school and wasn’t going to take over. It is cool to see that location return full circle back to its Japanese origins.


Supposedly it’s going into the JC Penny’s Furniture store space. Which is ironical because sometimes I park there and cross the street when the things at the Sprouts Parking lot gets nasty. Marking the total of Three Targets and Three Trader Joes within the close to the Culver City area


Thanks for the info. The Palm’s TJ’s is one parking nightmare….