Pancakes : Du-par's : : French Toast :?

The pancakes at Du-par’s are the only pancakes I’ve ever eaten that were clearly head and shoulders above all other pancakes I’ve tried. The first time I had them was nothing short of a revelation for me, and they are still my metric that I measure all other pancakes by.

With this in mind, are there any truly notable french toasts out there that have changed your perception of how good french toast can be? A red pill french toast that does not allow you to look at all your previous french toast experiences in the same light?

Please share.

Mmm pancakes dipped in butter

Salts cure pancakes are pretty GOAT

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Blu Jam Cafe (it is what they are known for.)

The Griddle

Note: All three of these places are very crowded on weekends, so go early or face a wait, or go during the week.

As for other pancakes to try, the Griddle offers up some great ones. Also, the rye pancakes at Sycamore Kitchen are terrific. I also second the pancakes at Salt’s Cure.

I’m not a big French Toast person, but my 12yo daughter is, and she orders it almost every time we go out for breakfast/brunch. Of course, I have to sneak a couple bites in, so based on that, in order…

Cici’s Cafe – humongous menu, lots of different french toasts. She’s tried several, and liked them all. No reservations, so plan accordingly – they get really busy, really fast.

Blu Jam Cafe – crunchy french toast is one of their specialties. It’s good, but can get soggy.

Cheesecake Factory – they have a surprisingly decent french toast on the brunch menu.

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Not sure if this meets your criteria, but I crave the ones at Metro Cafe in Culver City. They seem very “classic” to me (so nothing inventive going on here).

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Cici’s was going to be my recommendation: I recall really liking a couple of their French Toast variations.

I’m usually disappointed by French Toast: often so eggy/custardy that it’s soggy or, in other cases, barely dipped so the bread is dry.

As @Ted mentioned Du-Pars:

when my wife and sister eat the pancakes at Dupar’s, they ask for the pancakes on separate plates, as in 1 pancake per plate. this gives each pancake have a nice texture instead of being on top of each other and the middle and bottom ones get kinda “steamed”. its such a better texture this way, slightly crispy and then soft.

elite pancake family

I’m not a big fan of eggs, so I don’t care for french toast because it’s too eggy for me. I usually just try a bite of a corner and that’s enough for me.

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I don’t normally order french toast, but when I do, it’s at King’s Hawaiian in Torrance. :grin:


I haven’t tried King’s Hawaiian french toast at their restaurant, but I wouldn’t doubt it’s good because I love french toast and I’ve been told I make the best french toast…I only use Kings Hawaiian bread when I make it.


You’ve never had the pancakes at Salt’s Cure I take it? Or do those only qualify as griddlecakes?

Glad someone else agrees; I can’t even eat pancakes anywhere else now :frowning:

Y’all, @Ted is looking for French Toast, not pancakes!

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We haven’t used King’s Hawaiian but have you tried the TJ’s sliced brioche? It’s pretty f*cking delicious for french toast.


Trois Familia

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Square One Dining


republique Brioche French Toast
with vermont maple syrupunnamed
(photo from rebuplique)


GOAT French toast used to be at Canele…never found anything else like it.

Now I only eat french toast at Lalo! in Mexico City, ruined all other versions for me.