Papparich - legit Malaysian in Monterey Park

Another strong addition along the theme of upping the ante on our local Asian food scene.

The latest incarnation of Papparich opened recently at Atlantic Square in Monterey Park. Decor is tasteful and relatively “upscale”, refreshing change from the typical tacky decor in stateside Malaysian restaurants.

The menu is fairly diverse and well represented by familiar favorites. Based on the few items I tried, flavors were on point. Only complaints curry noodles were too greasy - too much oil left in the soup, sago dessert was way too sweet.

While far from perfect, I think this might be the strongest Malaysian restaurant to grace our city yet.


Their service and food quality consistency makes me want to run the other way.

Is it better than the now-shuttered K-Town location? Because if not, then I’ll go to Tasty Garden, Happy Family or 101 Noodles instead.

Have you had the chance to try The Bull in El Monte?

I dined relatively early, before the evening rush, so service wasn’t an issue.

strongoxman, based on the few items I ordered the food is much improved from the one in Ktown, which was quite bad. I think it helps they staffed the kitchen with Malaysians this time. It was quite apparent the cooks in the ktown location had no idea what the food was supposed to taste like. I’ll just say the place is “ok” if you have a hankering for Malaysian food, not really a good comparison vs. the other choices you mentioned. Tasty Garden etc. I think still serve better versions of their offerings vs. Papparich.

Ipse, have not tried the Bull, thanks for the tip, will have to check it out.

to me, this seems equivalent to opening a denny’s in hong kong or shanghai.

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Yep, that’s a good way of putting it. Having said that I still think it’s the strongest to date. However that just goes to show the relatively sad state of representation of the cuisine here.

This upcoming sate place in Philly seems promising though…

Sgee, how do you compare the food here to Penang in West Covina?

to be fair, there’s value in understanding what constitutes comfort food for any given culture. but it still smacks of… pf chang’s and their ilk. i suppose i’m just being a snob; i enjoy places like suehiro cafe in j-town.

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LOVE Suehiro!

I’m glad to hear, though, that the food is better at this location than it was at the one in K-Town. I might check it out.

Pass for Bull, not good.

The Bull is “cute” and sweet but Papparich is on a whole 'nother level . Completely SHAT customer service, but the food is so much broader + tastier + spicier in general.

I’ve (only) eaten about half the menu at Papparich, and the noodles + fried rice combos are just so much better than any other Malaysian joint in town.

The K-town branch was crap, not owned by corporate franchise. The team that opened the MPK Papparich is from Asia. This may be Malaysian Denny’s, but it says more about the strength (or completely lack thereof) of Malaysian food in L.A.

Okay, you’ve sold me; I’ll be checking it out soon. Glad to hear it’s better than the old K-Town location with an Asian team behind it.

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Sorry, clarification: I didn’t mean to imply K-town branch wasn’t owned by Asians. Obviously Koreans are asians…

My google-fu showed the opening team of Papparich MPK involved Indian franchisers.

But whatever. Indian team hustling Chinese cooks doing Malay food = tasty as hell. (Someone chime in with inside info on the kitchen pleasE) They will fuck up your take-out order repeatedly, and not apologize, but even the mistaken dishes are good; just don’t get anything w/ poached chicken.