Paradise Dynasty - Singaporean XLB chain headed to LA

of course they would be

Whyyyyyy are they looking at Westside?? Dumb dumb dumb. The market is moving in that direction, but it isn’t there yet, and Din Tai Fung beat them to the Century City spot. These guys need to be in Temple City, Arcadia or Rosemead.

i’d be curious to see how much of their business is locals vs. tourists at their other branches. a chain that works at inventing a cheese XLB is not aiming primarily for the chinese palate IMO. not sure i’d go for a round of garlic flavored XLB either. but that’s me.

I could see a place like this doing well on Ocean or even 3rd Street in SaMo

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I know many people from China who absolutely love cheese.

Baked Pork Chop Rice!!! Mmm cheesy marinara over rice

Which HK cafe makes the best in 626?

It’s a Singaporean chain, so they’re attracting enough of the Chinese palate to stay in business, have multiple locations and start expanding overseas to Los Angeles, no?

Wonder if this will set a trend for more Singaporean chains and restaurants. That’s make 2 now, this place and Duke Bakery

I’ve been to one in Taipei and Singapore. As far as I could tell, primarily local clientele.The multi colored dumplings for the most part work, I think there was one or two flavors that I wasn’t crazy about.

Hi @Sgee,

Oh cool. So how was the XLB at these places? Noteworthy?

It’s quite good, maybe not as delicate as DTFs. Will have to see how well they staff the kitchen stateside.

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This would be an awesome chain to have in LA


I’d eat everything in that menu!

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Btw these are the flavors in the combo XLB, one of each.

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I’d eat all of them except Cheese XLB! :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this place would print money on the westside, especially near 3rd St. Promenade.
XLB is about the most accessible Chinese dish around.
Now Sichuan Impression I’m not so sure. I hope it goes well for them.

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I asked my Singaporean friends about Duke, and they all were like, “Huh? What’s that?” Doesn’t seem to be that big over there. Now if Bengawan Solo set-up shop stateside, THAT would be a game-changer, for sure!

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I heve no idea what most of these are! Some look straight up Chinese and some look Viet-ish. One dish sounds and looks like Filipino bibingka. But based on your postings here I trust your taste and judgement.

Can I get any of these goods in So Cal?

I’d be happy with a cafe with coffee and Kaya Toast. A place for chili crab.

We don’t need another Sichuan place here.

Bring on some real Singaporean food!!

The majority of those dessert-y things are typically sold at Malay stands, stalls and shops in Singapore and Malaysia. Many of those sweets are available at Indonesian mom&pop shops in SoCal - I recall one shop by Luscious Dumplings in San Gabriel and others in the Duarte area.

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