Paris - Fancy mid-week lunch

Any recommendations for a fancy lunch destination in Paris?

I don’t know how it is now but CH used to have a lot of info on Paris.

Neige d’Été

Click here for my (dinner) writeup.

Michelin three-star L’ Arpège does a fab lunch.

Click here for my lunch writeup.

I consider John Talbott the David Chan of Paris.


Looking for the latest info.


Arpege definitely a candidate.

Neige is a great deal price-wise! Will try to hit that for dinner.

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Passage 53 (edit: closed now for moving; I believe they did a weekend lunch only.)

Consider also Le Duc (seafood) for not quite as fancy but still a nice lunch.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear. There’s tons of current info.

Thanks, any preference between the 3 you listed? Pro/Cons?

Yeah, Le Duc is on the list for a dinner option.

SO hates long meals so my dining windows are limited. :expressionless:

They’re all legendary in their own right. I think it depends on who I’d be dining with and where else we’re eating during the trip. L’Ambroisie is the most formal feeling and old school French of the 3. If I had to choose 1, I might lean toward that, but just out of current personal preferences (moving away from tasting menus) and the fact that chef Pacaud has been doing this for a while and who knows how much longer. L’Arpege can lean heavily vegetarian, though they do great lobster and meats from time to time. Ledoyen under Yannick Alleno has amazing sauces.

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Hate to break it to ya, but fine dining in France may not make your SO happy…

Ledoyen does dejenuner?! Mon Dieu! That is great news.

yeah between dairy heavy courses & long meals, its not her favorite dining city :roll_eyes: Unfortunately she discovered they offer decent Phở on our last trip…

Arpege looks great but not sure how I feel about a veg centric, meal… tough one that, have been wanting to go for a long time.

So I think it might be between L’Ambroisie and Ledoyen - Old school vs more modern style.

Yes, but I just checked and the lunch menu looks abbreviated. I wonder if one can arrange for their dinner menu as an alternative…

Ledoyen did have a screaming good lunch “deal” a while back when I was a student; it was the best “value” for that echelon of dining that my friends and I could try.

Love Phở but it’s OK in Paris. Paris has many fine-dining temples but also a lot of great casual and fairly quick dining options, as well. For example, one can make a nice lunch out of grabbing a beautiful slice of pâtés en croûte by Lastre Sans Apostrophe.

I guess one can’t really sneak a bottle of wine in the park, but in college that was one of my favorite meals. Ham, bread, snacks, a bottle of wine, and friends picnicking by the Eiffel Tower.

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L’Ambroisie - WTF!!! €160 for '95 Lafite Rothschild :star_struck:

This. Pan bagnat, fromage, vin…

Brings back a lovely film from a few years ago: Paris Je t’aime. Here’s a cute little vignette from filmmaker Alexander Payne…

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Homard bleu de l’Atlantique frit à la hongkongaise, façon ‘‘Bei Feng Tong’’
Blue lobster fried Hong Kong style, “Bei Feng Tong“

Huîtres frites Gillardeau spéciales n°2 au caviar
Deep-fried Gillardeau n°2 oysters topped with caviar

Margot Martindale was fantastic in that short. Should’ve clued me in to how awesome she was going to be in Justified a few years later. I still want to try Mag’s apple pie moonshine.

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Pan bagnat, my favorite sandwich in all the world: