Park City Restaurant Recommendations?

Visiting week after Christmas. I know reservations will be near impossible, but looking for recommendations for both fine and casual dining.

How did your trip turn out, @jdraper? Any recommendations or highlights?

I’ll be traveling there for work soon but should have a night or two free to try out some places.

Bumping this up.

Anyone been to Park City recently ish and have any favorites? I’ll probably have only two days free, so I wanna make 'em count.


Hola, y’all.

Doesn’t seem like there is much traffic to and through Park City, UT, but should anyone find themselves there, here’s my lil report back.

  • Handle - Recently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Utah by Salt Lake Magazine. Overall, I think I have a bit of a skewed view on the place since I went alone and it’s definitely geared towards larger share plates. To start, I had the Sunchoke Chawanmushi. Apparently it’s dish that’s traditionally served hot, and when they served their cold version, it was clear why. The taste was nice at first, but over a short amount of time, it formed into a bit of a jello. And the mix of the sea salt and home made chip pieces made it too salty. Also had the hot wing Cauliflower. Each cauliflower was lightly fried and had a nice crunch. The blue cheese spread was nice but maybe could have had more flavor. The buffalo sauce was good but used too sparingly, I say. Lastly, I tried the fried chicken plate that they were so proud of (in price and in recommendations). It was good fried chicken. It was a lot of fried chicken. Was it good? Yes. But I’d maybe opt for more small plates than the entrees.

  • High West Whiskey Distillery - This was the best. I loved it. I’m not even that much into Whiskey these days, but the atmosphere was great, the bartenders were great and the whiskey was really great. Highly, highly recommend.

  • Tupelo - Also ranked one of the best restaurants, according to that mag. The Mussels here were insane. So big. And way better than I thought they’d be. The Spring Salad was another big hit. One of the best salads I can remember having. It was so light and refreshing. My Elk entree was a disappointment. It was tough (must have been pan-seared after it’d been chopped up into small pieces?). The Baked Beans were no good. Nothing went together very well. Also had a bite of my friend’s scallops, and it was a fine enough scallop.

  • Any restaurant at the Montage Deer Valley - No need to come here for the food. So pricey and just average, even below. Had a lamb one night that was fine.

  • 350 Main - Went here with a big group, so we had a limited menu, but there was a tasty cauliflower soup and the steak was good.

  • Zoom - Only went here cuz it’s Robert Redford’s restaurant, and I figured why not? Pretty standard American Pub/Bistro food. The duck in the Smoked Duck Salad was nice, but there was too little of it for the giant size of the salad. Not too, too pricey in comparison to some other places, so would be a fine spot for a casual lunch.