Parrot eggs?

Hi there ! My parrot is pregnant and is about to deliver yummy :egg:eggs!
I am very excited :smiley:
So delicious :yum:
I would appreciate any tips on if i can and if so how do i cook them !!! Cant find anything on the internet?

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I typically do fried parrot with a side of eggs. The runny yolk pairs really well with the tender parrot meat! YMMV


Is it just me or does anyone else hear Vikings singing “Spam spam spam spam” off in the distance?

Just me, then.

Time to increase the dosage, I guess.



Not surprised. I imagine they are like even tinier Quail eggs which are SUPER tasty.

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The only time I’ve ever had quail eggs are with Tosilog or Sisilog at Pinoy places, where it was inevitably cooked hard, or as part of sushi roll or an oyster shooter, which are both raw.

Has anyone had quail eggs (or other similarly sized ova) done in more traditional ways? (soft boiled? sunny side up w/ runny yolks? soft-scrambled?)

I wonder if the size means they cook so quickly that softer preparations are too finicky. You get raw, or cooked, no in between.

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Quail eggs are a yakitori staple! most i’ve had are boiled and fully cooked, and then slightly “reheated” over the grill and dipped in tare, however just like with chicken eggs, there is a magical amount of time (two minutes to be exact) where you boil them and then give them a quick ice bath. This results in the perfect cooked egg white with a runny yolk texture


I’ve never actually done this but I remember in Beverly Cleary’s “Dear Mr. Henshaw” the main character gets deviled quail’s eggs for lunch. Their family friend specifically uses quail eggs for catering so people can eat them in one bite, which I thought was kind of clever.

As an adult I imagine it’s a pain in the butt to peel enough tiny eggs to make a substantive catering order but it still seems kind of fun. Like I’m a giant eating people food.


Some restaurants have them raw with steak tartare

I’ve had quail eggs in dim sum, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes, and various Michelin-y dishes. Not rare.

I’ve poached them! It’s been a long time ago but i cracked them into a container with straight vin. Then tipped the whole thing into the simmering water

On sushi, also. I’ve been to a few places where it was an optional addition.

How do you know they’re “so delicious” if you’ve never had them?

You know, I’d actually order a tobiko gunkan w/ quail egg, but I NEVER see it. Every place I see that offers something like this, it’s ikura (salmon roe) as opposed to tobiko.

Now, I like ikura just fine in the right proportion, but a whole tablespoon full is a little too fishy for me. The tobiko are saltier without such a strong fishy flavor.

Maybe I’ll ask the sushi-ya at my local place for one next time I do the dinner-and-a-movie thing. Might make for a good ending bite.

Now, what are the odds we see @Egglover actually return to this thread with a report of their tasty(?) parrot eggs?


0%. And although I don’t know much about parrots, I do know they’re not chickens and as such probably only lay fertilized eggs. So the result might be closer to balut.

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you’re probably right, but apparently, it happens:

And hey, balut has its fans. I’m not one, but that just leaves more for those that like 'em.

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Such a random/bizarre first post, I hope they return!

Might have been looking for flame bait and we here are like…

“Tiny eggs are the tastiest eggs…”