Particularly picky about pickles?

I am endlessly searching for good sour ones (not a fan of sweet though). Some of my favorites are Bubbie’s and McClure’s. Bah Tempte, another brand that is highly recommended, not so much. Recently, however, I’ve been loving North Park Produce’s homemade ones–1 container holds 3 large pickles which costs an absurd $1.20.

Sonoma Brinery has ones that are good and sour. Used to get them at Windmill Farms.

I’ve seen them around. Thanks

Second on Sonoma. Just like homemade.

Got Sonoma whole dill pickles at major market in Escondido. They were very good. Thanks!

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So of the one’s you have listed, which is your favorite?

North Park Produce for now, but my tastes change frequently and Sonoma ones were very good.

Thank you. Which North Park Produce do you go to?

I think saw Sonoma Brinery pickles at Ocean Beach People’s Grocery.

Check the labels that the ingredients are just cucumbers, salt, and seasonings. Vinegar means they’re marinated rather than traditionally fermented.

Yep, no vinegar for the Sonoma ones.

NPP on Poway road

What about cornichons? Anyone have a favorite brand?

Love cornichons too, love most pickled products. Will get back to you as names are escaping me.

Love the Edible Alchemy stuff. Their Fermented Serrano Pepper Paste is hot, sour, and salty goodness!

I used liquid from this to make my own chili, garlic, ferment.

Maille for cornichons.

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I have heard about these for some time but was finally able to try some Rick’s picks garlic dills over the weekend. Pretty good stuff. They were ordered from an online vendor, and not sure that I’ve ever seen the pickles in local stores (have seen other Rick’s pickled items at local stores though).

Sour garlic dills from pernicious pickle company (mail order)–very good but only if you like them vinegary

Rick’s picks spicy green beans are excellent. They are also easy to find at many local supermarkets (Ralph’s and albertson’s). However they are $9-10 per jar which is kind of crazy when you could make your own.

current favorite: sammy’s park street dills (sprouts in rancho bernardo)