Party Sandwiches / Subs

Looking for a place to get a party tray for Saturday night, in the Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Grove, K-town area. Any suggestions? Or should I just go to Mendocino Farms on Fairfax?

I am a big fan of Sack (formerly Ink Sack) on both Melrose & Sunset Blvd.

Oh yeah! I should have known you’d have something :yum:. Thanks!

Looks good… prices too. Any favorites? Needs to travel well.

The Spanish Godfather is one of my favorites from the menu. The fried chicken, too…but since it’s chicken skin, that won’t travel well.


My apologies.

It’s probably too late for you, but I would go to BCN.

Both the lamb and short rib sandwiches are outstanding. Plus, they even have Spanish soda.

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Wow, the Patas Bravas actually look Spanish… and not overly cheffy with a fried egg on top. Will have to check it out, had no idea this place existed. Thanks

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[quote=“ipsedixit, post:6, topic:3731”]
It’s probably too late
[/quote]Yep, we ordered from Sack.
BCN looks great. I love Spanish. Especially Patatas Bravas @aaqjr. Good seeking ipsedixit.

Success! Called in the morning. Order taker was easy going and efficient. Counter person was gruff and hostile. But the order was perfect and sandwiches were a huge hit. Next time we’ll get more Spanish Godfathers. They were the star. By the time I took picture there was one left :yum:. Least favorite… Poor vegetarians. Tofu was odd tasting.

Thanks guys!



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Same here. Thanks for the tip @ipsedixit.

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I heard a good Castilian-Spanish accent when I was there and thought that was a good sign.

The gazpacho is Orange in color which is another (gazpacho should have bread blended in to give it that creamy texture IMO). The potatoes could be a touch crunchier, but the same could be said for many Patatas Bravas in Spain otherwise the sauces were good.

I had the Turkey Bikini (pressed sandwich made famous from the concert hall outside of barcelona) with manchego and quince. Very european thin, not over stuffed so the center actually gets hot and melty.

Its not a restaurant to go out of your way for but if you are in the WeHo area you could def do worse.

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Good report.