Pasadena - Burger & tacos

I going to a play tomorrow night where can I find good tacos and burgers? What about soul food?

Big Mama’s Rib Shack for fried chicken.

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Lucky Boy


Assuming you’ll be in the Playhouse District, then Rounds Burgers for a casual build-your-own burger bar experience, or for something a bit more upscale try Bull and Barrell (the bar inside/adjacent to Alexander’s Steakhouse), which makes one of my favorite Wagyu Burgers.

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i’m partial to arturo’s taco truck at the corner of fair oaks and… i want to say bellevue (one block south of del mar) in the parking lot of the tire store, not to be confused with the taco truck farther south in the parking lot of the performance car shop. load up on your choice of mild or spicy salsa, avocado based green stuff, lime, chopped onions, cilantro, radishes, not mention AYCE pinto beans & grilled peppers.

2 cabesa tacos & fixin’s $3.

not sure how late pie & burger is open.

tops is popular with pasadenans, as is super burger over in east pasadena just north of the 210.

Hi @ipsedixit,

Ooh! Real Wagyu Burgers? :open_mouth: Is this only for dinner?

Well, it’s real American Wagyu (not the Japanese A5 stuff).

It’s available only in the bar, not at Alexander’s.

I think what makes this burger crave-worthy for me is the dry-aged ragu that tops the beef.

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Is Japanese A5 wagyu actually something desirable to make burgers out of?

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Generally, no. Real Japanese A5 wagyu - and there are variations among regions - is not ideal for burgers, from a perspective of not only cost, but also texture.

American Japanese-style beef, i.e. washugyu, is a better candidate for a burger than actual Japanese wagyu, because it is a mix of things like American angus beef, too. If one used purely real Japanese wagyu for a burger, that’s more of a novelty than anything. This might be kind of semantic pettiness, but saying American wagyu is a bit of misnomer, almost like saying cava champagne, but not quite. It gets complex re: lineage and there’s even DNA testing. I don’t have much experience with Australian beef, though.

If one wants a decadent burger, maybe add some tendon and marrow into the mix, like how the (closed) Ninebark in Napa did with their burger mix.

Personally on game day Saturdays, I used to get the burger bun from the Larder at Tavern, the burger patty (and occasionally Paul’s BBQ sauce) from A Cut Above in Santa Monica, and whatever lettuce, tomato, onion etc. I wanted from Santa Monica farmer’s market. A good root beer, or just beer, and that was a good day.

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pie n burger…
because sometimes it’s a nice change of pace not to be hammered during a night at the theatre.

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now that i’d want to try at least once. but grinding up what’s already as close to perfectly marbled beef as can be just seems so… like cannibalizing a tesla to build a go cart. if you have a tesla to spare, go for it i suppose.

Gjusta adds bone marrow to their burger.

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I guess I need to go back and try again. I was completely underwhelmed when I went. The fries were okay, but I didn’t like the burger at all.

its not a blow you away kinda thing. sort of a ur burger in a diner/coffeshop groove.
whole greater than the sum of its parts. well, maybe gooder.

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The apple pie is great. Banana cream ain’t too shabby either.

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I ended up going to super burger.

i like the idea of tendon in the texture.

what did you think of the place?

It was ok. I like lucky boy better. I also was allergic to something had a breakout on my bottom lip. Went to vons nearby and put hot water compress on it. It got better. My luck. Lol


Super Burger is perfect drunk food.

Problem is, they’re not open when I’m usually drunk.