Pasta | Bar - Encino

I was very skeptical coming into this dinner because of my bad experience at sushi | bar and the fact that phillip frankland lee seems to change restaurant “concepts” more times than voldemort changes screen names.

however, I was very pleasantly surprised by how delicious everything was. the level of cooking and execution was definitely at a one star level.

highlights were the mushroom cannoli, squid ink paccheri, ocean trout, sablefish, chicken roulade, wagyu, semifreddo.

margarita’s sourdough, cultured butter

mushroom cannoli

tomatoes, tofu, avocado, beef fat

prawn, hazelnut, peppers, mango

squid ink paccheri, marinated squid, lemon, smoked chili

sunflower agnolotti, vadouvan, coriander, sunchoke

ocean trout, allium, sorrel, everything bagel spice

sablefish, matsutake, pineapple, chicken

chicken roulade, foie gras, thyme, orange

wagyu, kimchi, shiitake, korean shiso

smoked goat milk mousse, berries, nasturtium, candied marconas

semifreddo, fig, bergamot

after-dinner pizza wagon bang

took @Gr8pimpin and @lapizzamaven’s advice and ordered it extra thin and crispy. sergio was in the house.

this made me el oh el. @CiaoBob @TheCookie


Sounds like a certain someone’s dream pizza parlor. :sweat_smile:


I’m kinda confused there seemed to be little to no pasta?:thinking:


Looks ambitious but Kato-esque portions that require pizza to fill you up after?

or pizza wagon sergio == chowkiss :thinking:


portions are small, but unlike kato there’s plenty of “free” bread and sauces to fare la scarpetta. i was satisfied after the meal, but since i’m a glutton and was in the area, i couldn’t pass up a bang at pizza wagon.


yeah, i thought that was curious too. fortunately, the non-pasta dishes were equally as good.


Ate here last night and had largely the same tasting menu, with some slight changes. The main change was from chicken to a new pigeon dish with foie gras ravioli, which was our least favorite dish.

The dinner was really good. I would say it’s right on the borderline of 1 michelin star cooking. It’s a fun place to eat because you have a lot of chefs trying inventive stuff–some works more than others. My main critique is the meal all starts to feel too soft after a while–they over do it with the sauces and foams by the end of the meal. My favorite courses were the tomato salad, sablefish, and Wagyu.

Overall, I liked Sushi Bar better, but both restaurants really aim for the rich/pleasurable foods. They are decadent meals. Fun to have this in the Valley.


Peony chooses Pasta Bar over Knife Pleat. I choose Knife Pleat over Pasta Bar. No there is no relationship between the restaurants except they are far away from civilization and one Michelin star.

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