Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami

We had an amazing thread consisting of 3,852,228 posts about Pastrami. New board, new thread.

I’ve been to and love The Hat, Langers, Johnnies (still need to get to Wexlers), but my vote goes to Brent’s.

I just went to Brent’s in Northridge tonight and had what may be my favorite pastrami sandwich…

THE Black Pastrami Reuben.

The pastrami is piled high, though sliced thinner than Langers, it is incredible. On crunchy double baked rye grilled to perfection. This is heaven!!

Tell me what are some other great places to get pastrami? Who’s serving your favorite??


Thems some glamour shots u got there

I gotta go back up to Brent’s for another one of those

I think my favorites are greenblatts – a bit sweet even – and langers.

Would be fun to hit up that rc provisions spot in Burbank that makes langers and other types for other shops. Anyone ever go there ?

I’ll take some photos over the few weeks of the lovely pastramis I’m going to meat

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What is sweet? I can’t believe how I always forget to try Greenblatt’s… after all these years.

I dunno just a little whiff of sweetness like some hams have…only one way for u to find out!

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Not Jewish Deli style but I do like the pastrami at both The Oinkster (great fries) and Bay Cities Italian Deli…

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Gjusta seems to do everything well including their in house pastrami…


I’m shocked. So far there are no sexy pics of Langer’s Pastrami in the Pastrami Thread?! :open_mouth: I thought at least you’d remind everyone of Langer’s greatness. :wink:

I do like Wexler’s Pastrami …but what could be a great sandwich is just ok due to mediocre room temp rye bread

photo LA Weekly

My Langer’s #54 (corned beef and pastrami combo) but made with just pastrami (extra meat) on double baked rye.
In my humble opinion the best sandwich in Los Angeles.


I doubt these are up to FTC’s pastrami standards, but I like:

Pastrami on rye at The New York Deli in Torrance.

Pastrami, egg, and hash brown sandwich at The Pan in Gardena.


You can see the crisp on that bread!!

All the times I have been to Bay Cities never tried the pastrami. Seems tough to pass up a Godmother or a meatball.

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I love corned beef hash, and I know there are places doing it with Pastrami!

Does anyone do a killer pastrami hash??

While my personal triumvirate would be Brent’s, Langer’s and Wexler’s, and I lam fonder of the pastrami at Gjusta (mentioned by wienermobile) than is probably healthy, the Pastrami Nosh at Plan Check is another excellent option.


Langer’s takeout, at a recent office lunch. That rye bread is incredible.



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here’s a closeup of that greenblatts pastrami from my pastrami porn stash under my bed…ha, it’s not lean!


wonder if langers would whip that up on special request…their corned beef hash served with fried eggs and some griddled rye toast is heavenly…of course, with a sandwich on the side.


Pastrami burrito at oki’s on pico…big eater and half at a time still sufficient. Great fries there too. Orange bang.

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Is that yellow mustard?

Seriously, weiner, do you have a desktop folder archive full of pastrami porn?