Patty Melt Love

Where do you go for that thing of beauty?
D’ Carlo’s in Ramona makes one of the best in SD…
Sit in the bar…not listed on menu…kicks serious delicious ass!

Crab patty melt (the Kappa) or Korean Steak BBQ Melt (the Minotaur) @ Supernatural Sandwiches

Chicken patty melt @ Queenstown

Is Ramona anywhere near Berlin? Just thinking of others.

I’m very concerned are you beef bindging?

I’ll stay local at the Studio.

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Is that like an “Apple-tini”? Isn’t a patty melt, by definition, is a burger on rye with grilled onions and cheese? ;^)

‘I’m very concerned are you beef bindging?’ Love your phonetic spelling Sledge!

After reading the WHO article on 'cured meats and red meat, I thought I needed a challenge.

Thanks for the spelling correction, my fingers tend to twitch in the early morning. Patty Melt challenge?


Studio Diner or Longhorn’s

Studio… Their grill top has eons of flavor on it. Old School!

Maybe they do a good patty melt, if they make it right. I haven’t returned to Studio Diner since this experience, though:

I’ve had a good patty melt at O’Brien’s on Convoy, but it’s been some time now.

Longhorn Patty Melt blows…

Sad, since this is one of my fave places in SD to catch up on my Chargers Ex (famous kicker was my BF) players, cheer to John Wayne room…
:beer: :hamburger: :football:

Love O’Brien’s, hate the parking.

Your BF was Keith Lincoln? pretty nice flower chica!

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Keith is 76 years old and a running back…
How friggin’ old do you think this chica is…sheesh!

My BF was the kicker and good friends with Louie…

I like O’ Brien’s but felt the meat was gross on the patty melt…
Me no likey.



Would that have been a crab or a shrimp that he was good friends with?

That is funny LS…
It was a metaphor without just coming out and saying…I make you work for the answer.

Now, I am craving a King Crab with Jumbo Shrimp with chunks of avocado, hard boiled eggs, tomt’s and homemade blue cheese dressing on a bed of iceberg lettuce…

Both great, the salads and the Chargers.