Pauline's Pizza - SF

After 30 years the pizza’s still as good as ever and the pesto pie is unbeatable. My one complaint is that they don’t have tasso any more. Pictured are a small pesto ($16) and a medium half-and-half andouille with red bell peppers, green onions, and Fontina and “old pancetta special” with green onions, garlic, and goat cheese ($21.50).

One change from back in the day is that the desserts have improved. Butterscotch pudding ($7.75) is one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


Small pesto pizza. Still the best. The pie that put the original Pauline’s on the map (thanks to Stan Sesser).

The crust was perfect, as always. Don’t get it delivered or to go, you want to eat that baby while it’s warm and crisp.

Medium Louisiana andouille combo, old favorite third only to the tasso, which I don’t know if they can get any more.

Roasted vegetable special, most if not all from their farm, marinated artichokes made it taste like warm caponata. Nice.

Butterscotch pudding was great, too.


Thanks @robert. Looks delicious. :slight_smile: What style of pizza is Pauline’s?

Sui generis.

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God damn it.