Pedalers Fork - Forking Good Barbecue

Stunned by the barbecue I had the other night at Pedalers Fork. It’s legit folks. I’ve been to Bludso’s Compton, Gringo Bludso’s, Maple Block, B&A, Horse Thief, Phillips all multiple times and I would place the Brisket I had at Pedalers Fork right below Maple Block as my favorite and at the top for pulled pork. Their house made bbq sauce is also remarkably good.

We ordered the fatty brisket (my favorite barbecue meat) and pulled pork (my wife’s favorite meat) and they were both cooked to perfection. Brisket was smoked for 18 hours and cut in thick slabs. Meat was oh so tender and the fat was buttery. Combined with their house made bbq sauces that was not too sweet and the right amount of vinegar tanginess while not being too thick or too watery.

The pulled pork was the best I’ve had in LA. Ever. I’m not a fan of pulled pork typically, but this was perfectly moist, the right mouthfeel when chewing and had a great smoky porky flavor and again the bbq sauce worked perfectly with the meat.

The only disappointment is they don’t have many traditional sides. Slaw and Mac and Cheese only. I hope they add more sides in the future.

A bit of a head scratcher that their que is so outstanding and yet it’s only a few lines on the bottom of the menu. Even stranger that I searched around on here and no one has mentioned this restaurant other than it appears on the new LA Weekly 99 list.

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Official name is Pedalers Fork, no apostrophe.

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Just looked it up. It’s located in Calabasas. Might not be getting a lot of traffic. But maybe @ns1 can try it. :slight_smile:

yeah I’m on the other side of those mountains…

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I know, but I was thinking if you have to cross lots of mountains, might as well try the only ones remaining in the “nearby” area? :wink: