Peking Duck in WSGV other than Duck House?

Normally, I’m the one that answers these, but is there currently any other place of note serving Peking Duck other than Duck House?

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No Peking duck expert here but I just had a great meal at Ji Rong Peking Duck:













Bonus picture…cake from Paris Baguette


isn’t there some place on valley in rosemead with peking duck in their name?

also, jasmine house in alhambra offers one on their menu. haven’t had it though, but i respect the kitchen enough to imagine that it’d be decent.

moonboy & i were posting simultaneously - it’s ji rong i was thinking of.

Wow that looks amazing

Does Meizhou Dongpo Arcadia serve it? Century City does a good version.

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They do, and it’s quite good.

Of course across from Ji Rong is Tasty Duck, another Beijing duck specialty place.

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Thanks FoodiePanda, a bit of a brain cramp, that’s the place I was trying to think of :+1:

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also happy duck house on gale in rowland heights. i liked it but haven’t been back in a couple of years.

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Of note? Probably not in the WSGV, unless you consider places like Longo, Grand Harbor, Elite, etc, “of note” as they all have it on the menu but even they admit that the thing to get on their menus is the sucking pig, not the Peking Duck.

In the ESGV, there’s Happy Duck House.

RIP Bian Yi Fan. We hardly knew ye.

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Yes! Happy Duck House is the place I think of, when I think of Peking Duck, but it’s a bit far east for plans :frowning:

Check out Opal.

24 hour advanced notice.

How is the food there overall? Is it worth the premium?

I might bring my in-laws there next week if it’s worth it.

Zwah bing in da house!

Zwah bing was scrumptious! Crispy edges and airy fluffy center with just the right chew.

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They do. I also thought they do a good version.

Hi @ipsedixit,

So you’d recommend Happy Duck House and Opal as worthwhile visits? Thanks!

I’d probably go to Opal before Meizhou Dongpo for Peking Duck.

Happy Duck House is on par with JiRong.

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Went to tasty duck last night
It was just before closing
The soup was fine and the actual Peking roast du k had been finished before and brought out lukewarm

Disappointment: menu said sir fried duck tongue, it wasn’t. Closer look at menu said duck chin in Chinese (xiaba)
So not the lovely boned duck tongue from old quanjude but complicated hand involved surgical eating. Same with duck web, not boned.

The babao mi fan is made with black rice. Tasty but photo had lotus seeds and the presented dish only slivered almonds
I’ll go back but make sure to get there earlier.
Not as good as recently closed penglai yuan on Rosemead blvd. Will try ji rong.

Try the Nanjing brined duck at Nanjing Kitchen in El Monte.

I like that place. I think I wrote about it on the chowhound board. It used to be on las tunas next to a huaiyang resto and s good Vietnamese place.
He has other stuff beside the yanshui yazi I think.
I think the owner told me he’d been a professor of English in Nanjing before he emigrated.