Peking duck or whole suckling pig for catering

Anyone have any recs for Peking duck or suckling whole roasted crispy pork?

Does anyone do backyard Peking duck ala Chinese laundry?

Let me know. Thanks!


Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but ACC Chinese Fast Food in Alhambra (across from Costco) is an operation which has a small dine in restaurant but which separately provides all kinds of roast meats to other restaurants, including whole pigs and Peking and roast duck. You might want to check them out.


Anyone have recs for roasting crispy pig in Orange County while I’m down here? There’s so many places in Little Saigon, seemingly more so here than in LA/626, but I don’t know if one place stands out more than the rest.

Been craving it. I’ve tried a few spots in the Bay Area but the pork I’ve had up here uses pig that is so funky and gamey that I couldn’t eat more than a few pieces.

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Lien Hoa BBQ in Little Saigon or Duong Son.

I like Lien Hoa more.

I grew up having Duong Son.


Thanks. That one seems to be the consensus popping up among reviews.

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