Perbacco - San Francisco FiDi

Went for dinner the other night. Had a salumi platter, a few pastas, and the cheese plate. The latter included Cusie al malto di orzo e whisky from Beppino Ocelli. This is sort of a riff on testun al Barolo, except with barley and whiskey instead of grape pomace.

Some previous reports:

Robert , Thinking about driving up to the city this weekend to have lunch at Perbacco . I was eying the salad of little green lettuce ,and the risotto nero off the menu . Any other must have selections ? I figure I can just walk in solo without a res and get a table . ??

If you’re solo, walking in is not a problem as you can sit at the bar.

The hotel I stay at when I’m in SF is right around the block from Perbacco, so I sort of find myself there more often than not. I think Perbacco does some of the finest pastas around. Really can’t go wrong with any of them.

If you go, careful with the breadsticks.

Sounds good. Will head up Saturday . The pasta does look good to order . I’m a sucker for trofie .

They’re only open for dinner on Saturday, lunch Monday-Friday.

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered risotto or salad.