Perdition, Berkeley check-in

New on the menu at Perdition BBQ: A BLT. House-smoked bacon, a fried green tomato, crisp romaine, and an herby mayo. It was excellent, although it took a while to arrive (they fry the tomato to order, apparently). Worth $13 (which included one side and a fountain drink).

Also noticed a smoked chicken salad sandwich option, which sounded good. My friend got the half-chicken for lunch and said it was amazing. It was so good that he didn’t share.

Side of cowboy beans was slightly undercooked and not as meaty as in the past. And the front of house seemed to be in disarray (piles of things stacked around, no info on the chalkboards). It sort of felt like a place preparing to have an estate sale. Hopefully not a portent of bad things to come, I still like this place and I want them to stick around.

My recent visit was the first time without combo plates, meats sold by your choice of weights and cut to order, etc. The cowboy beans were full of meat, but mushy shreds, not the small chunks. I hope they reconsider these changes, as they are disappointing.

The Express reports that Perdition has closed down.

Wow. Although when I saw the other related news, I was wondering if it would affect Perdition. Too bad. The best smoked chicken ever to cluck in these parts.

Luke Tsai said, " it appears that the upscale barbecue business in the East Bay just hasn’t taken off the way its proponents would like."

Isn’t upscale barbecue an oxymoron? Can a joint be upscale and downhome?

Price reduced, so it must have been on the market for awhile. (Unless this somehow isn’t it.)

Well, crap. I’m sorry to hear that the “estate sale” vibes weren’t just a figment of my imagination!

Well that sucks!

This is such a disappointment, as we were great fans of the BBQ (and the beans), as well as the excellent beer. We were just there on Saturday, talking to the manager about some upcoming brewery selections. He was either in denial or the closure came more suddenly than anticipated. But I had been concerned for a while as it was never crowded during weekend lunch.