Pete Wells gives Peter Luger's zero stars

I know there was a time the German fried potatoes were brown and crunchy, because I eagerly ate them each time I went. Now they are mushy, dingy, gray and sometimes cold. I look forward to them the way I look forward to finding a new, irregularly shaped mole.

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We went in July. Remembered Luger’s being much better. Maybe it was nostalgia. The German potatoes were good but our steak was very unevenly cooked. My wife thought it was just ok - her first trip to Luger’s and has no interest in ever going back, especially given the price tag. My kids loved the steak.

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Welp, off my list

Lunch one afternoon vividly demonstrated the kitchen’s inconsistency: I ordered a burger, medium-rare, at the bar. So had the two people sitting to my right, it turned out. One of them got what we’d all asked for, a midnight-dark crust giving way to an evenly rosy interior so full of juices it looked like it was ready to cry. The other one got a patty that was almost completely brown inside. I got a weird hybrid, a burger whose interior shaded from nearly perfect on one side to gray and hard on the other.

I hear they are trying harder post review but not openly acknowledging they are doing so

Perhaps consider this instead for burger