Pete Wells's Best of 2019

I’ve only been to Hutong on the list which was a huge disappointment, but curious about the others. Kawi characterized by Chang alone is a shame, but I’m not drawn to it either. Anyone been to the rest or found anything interesting this year?

Mercado, for breakfast. It’s very good. Rezdora’s the only other one on that list that appeals to me. Maybe Kawi if someone else is paying. I’ve been to Llama Inn, and thus feel I don’t need to go to Llama San.

Loved Kawi. It’s not that expensive for lunch. I particularly liked the rice cakes that they cut with scissors. Comes with ham on top that I omitted because I don’t eat meat. The miso like soup with the lunch set was as good as any I’ve had at really high end Japanese restaurants.

Rezdôra is quite good, menu offers a few items you don’t see on the usual suspects. Although per @RGR, reservations are quite difficult to come by.

I think Mercado offers something different in the city for Spanish food, albeit expensive. Keep an eye out for the special events i.e wine tasting etc. Deal-e-O pig out drinking and snacking events. The one I attended, I think I broke even on the admission fee feasting on just the Cinco Jota Jamon Ibérico :grin:

I am bit turned off with Odo after watching their eater feature and the chef’s philosophy on parasite ridden fish.

Does NYT do the 10 best restaurants of the year?
We tried Jose Andres Mercado a few weeks after opening and it was too hectic for us with the kids so we bailed.

Mercado has calmed down quite a bit these days

Unfortunately it is still the product of stolen public money.