Petit Crenn

Everything was executed and cooked perfectly, however nothing really excited me. Also, everything is family style so the two of us shared all the pictured dishes. Next time I would save my money for a down payment for dinner at atelier crenn.

grilled josey baker bread with fresh butter

miyagi oyster, gruyere gougeres
These were good, the gougeres reminded me tfl.

gnocchi with mushrooms

grilled bass, sauce vierge, crispy garlic
Skin was crispy and the meat was moist and flaky #itsallaboutthatbass

roasted heirloom potatoes

squash, mint yogurt, pistachio
These were served at room temperature.

little gems salad
This was good but we basically got two pieces of lettuce to share among two people.

chcolate eclairs
Again, this had to be shared


That’s a pretty small family-style offering. Pictures are good… As usual.

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Yeah, if it wasn’t for the first bang at bar crudo i definitely would have left hungry or possibly hangry.

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About $100/person?

The menu price is $87pp which includes gratuity.

That really is a down payment on Atelier huh?

Atelier worth going to?

can’t wait til she comes to LA…

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Atelier is currently $298 including service.

I went before she got her second star, i would go back.

Yeah, $298 - $87 = $211. It barely even dents the Atelier price if you save the Petit price and make it a downpayment haha

Yes, that’s why i said a “down payment”

At least tell me that gnocchi was good because it looks fantastic.

Thanks for sharing back. Great pics!

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Yes, the gnocchi was delicious, very buttery with some sweetness from the corn.

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