Petit Trois Le Valley: A Pictorial Essay

What better day to try Petit Trois Le Valley than on Bastille Day?!

Really nice space, classic brasserie feel…

Watermelon mint limeade mojito… Off the menu (I asked my bartender what he’d like to drink on a sweltering afternoon in the Valley, and this is what he came up with). Sublime.

Omelette Petit Trois, with Boursin pepper Gournay cheese & chives… Really well executed, with a soft, runny center. Jacques Pepin would approve.

Seared Foie Gras, with tomato jam, basil, fleur du sel… This offering was on the special Bastille Day menu (and who am I to resist?). A Frenchy tribute to the Catalonian classic pa amb tomaquet, except slapped on top with a gorgeous piece of expertly seared foie gras. This did not suck at all, I tell you… Marvelous.

Baguette, with salted butter & jam… Still one of the best breads to accompany a meal in all of L.A.

Pêche Melba… Simple, effective and seasonal dessert. Peach, raspberry and vanilla ice cream, topped with toasted almond and garnished with mint… Delicieux!

Petit Trois Le Valley has become another successful Krissy and Ludo location, offering satisfaction for diners craving fine execution on classic French brasserie favorites. And yes, Sergio was in the house when I visited.


Petit Trois Le Valley
13705 Ventura Bl.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


He will be there in the morning for the French World Cup final, too.

Yep. Chef Ludo and I chatted for a bit, mostly about our kids. I saw him dining with Chef Daniel Patterson at Bavel a few weeks back. He says enjoyed the food there.

Super nice guy, that Ludo. I miss the days when he was gigging in the kitchens of L’Orangerie and Bastide…

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Oh zut alors! I forgot one photo…

Ce n’est pas un “Toto”.

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