Petit Trois

Frisée aux lardons ($13): really good except overdressed, unless you like to eat it with a lot of bread.

Steak tartare ($19), great version. The fried shallots were a great touch. I couldn’t taste the elderberries mentioned on the menu. I would definitely order this again.

Alas no foie gras.

Omelettes ($18) were perfect as always. That salad was also overdressed but less so than the frisée.

I was going to order the sole, but it was $89. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t order something because of the price. Now I wish I had ordered it.

Mornay fries ($10) are kind of an insane dish. First they squirt aioli all over them and then they slather them with mornay sauce. Good but the portion was enough for eight or ten people and to me it would make more sense to serve the sauce as a dip on the side, so the fries stay crisp.

Rosé and red house wine ($22 for 500 ml) were both very good and went well with the food.


My gods … that steak tartare looks SO GOOD.


That poutine looks crazy.

That being said, I have never had a bad dish at Petit Trois.

i finally tried the burger… that thing is immense… omelette is perfect thought a bit too much boursin for my taste

I love their French Onion Soup and Snails



Only thing I like at petite is the soup and snails.

Not a fan of the big mec or even the omelette.

I have never tried the big mec. I have seen it up close and personal, and was not tempted in the least.

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I actually did not love it. It was almost too much, flavors got lost for me…

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Thank looks horrifying. :frowning: I can see why @CiaoBob avoids it.


It’s really not good. Loaded with Worcestershire-type sauce and a total mess. They claim to be modeling it after one of the all time great burgers, Au Cheval’s, yet somehow created something awful.

That being said, I love every single other thing about the place. Their bread and butter alone is a thing of beauty.

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I agree about the big mec and the bread and butter. The Mec tasted mostly of Worcestershire – I expected better flavor out of “fois gras infused bordelaise”, and the pickle bits were not a plus either. Meat was good though. The bread and butter are up there with the best I’ve ever had.

That said (as I posted on a trip report a while back), for me, the place was overall a disappointment. Although the french onion soup was a thing of beauty, it was virtually flavorless. I expected a deep, beefy, caramelized onion flavor, and there was none. I wish I had tried the omelette, as it seems to get almost universal raves.

Burger was good when it was introduced, as in the first day it was introduced. Ever since it has been far too acidic/Worcestershireish as many have stated.

Petit Trois, other than the bread and butter, is the Emperor’s New Clothes to me.
It all looks fine but the taste is just not there.
The French onion soup in particular was abysmal.


so is Ludo a hack??

I think his food is very good…just didn’t like that burger.

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I would have to answer that, “Yes and no.”
Petit Trois - Yes.
Trois Mec - No.

you mean petit trois?

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Yes. Petit Trois I hate. Trois Mec I like a lot.
Thanks for the clarification.
Corrected now.

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The foie gras and omelette made me feel like I’d been teleported to Paris.

Harry Styles and I both loved our omelettes at Petit Trois this weekend. He was, however, concerned when I ordered the mornay frites for one, which I thought was completely unfair as I didn’t judge him when he ordered three baguettes to-go.