Petite Peso - DTLA

419 West 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

I know a number of you regularly goes here so post your stuff here! @Hungrydrunk @chrishei

It’s nice to see that ABC 7 featured them.


The breakfast burrito and sandwich are actually some of the best in town IMO (the former should’ve made Addison’s list this week). Will post next time :slight_smile:


Actually, the BB did make the list. Picture looks good. Would you suggest it with longanisa or tocino?

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Longa, and tocino for the sando. The crumbled texture of the former works better in burrito form.

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LOVE THEM!! In the colder months they were a staple (especially since finding parking in DTLA around their shop wasn’t such a PITA… it’s a little busier now… but I have my lot). They not only have great preps (love their rice) but LEGIT flavors. OMG. In the Winter they had Kare Kare that had the funk and flavor I haven’t had in a LONG time (I grew up with Filipino Neighbors and my Brother’s Bestie is Filipino)


We also tried their Veggie dish, the Pinkabet which competes with the Eggplant bowl at Sari Sari for my favorite Veggie dish in DTLA… (the photo was from our first meal there and we got the Shrimp add on… which was okay… the dish is absolutely fine without.)


But the thing to not miss here are the Lumpia. You SEE the guy hand rolling and making these Pancit. It’s a to go operation and mind you, I just live outside of DTLA, but most egg rolls, even with some venting, make it to my house all soggy and awful (looking at your Holy Basil) but these are perfectly hot and crisp EVERYTIME!



If you’re talking about the lumpia I’m afraid we didn’t love those when we got them. They’re definitely crunchy if that’s what you’re looking for but the filling/wrapper ratio is so hugely disproportionate to the wrapper we almost felt we were eating a fried wonton skin rather than a lumpia. That said, I personally grew up with an unusually fat and filled lumpia and people seem to like Petite Peso’s so I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade.

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THANK YOU! I did mean Lumpia… I wrote this late last night inbetween laquering my face… LOL!

Yes, these are the cigarette style lumpia… not like those fatty meaty vietnamese-like egg rolls (Which are my favorite of the genre). I like these too though… I actually grew up with Lumpia with Raisins… what I would give to find a place that does those!


My grandmother’s lumpia were shaped like the short, fat vegetarian ones with additional meat and frozen vegetables but I’ve never seen them quite like that anywhere else. The first time my wife had lumpia with frozen green beans she was like :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and I had to admit she had a point. But I’ll take the vinegar garlic dip my grandmother made over sweet chili sauce any day.

Raisins are interesting- I’m curious what those were like!

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