Phenomenal meal at Coquette

As those lucky enough to visit here know, it is hard picking restaurants! Originally, we had dinner reservations at Compere Lapin, but the night before we had a cocktails there, at Compere Lapin, and my husband thought he’d prefer trying Coquette. We had walked by Coquette and it felt more like a neighborhood restaurant, as opposed to Compere, which is attached to a hotel. But they did make great cocktails.
Cocktails at Compere Lapin. Shoot, looking at these pix is making me thirsty!

Okay, so now our meal at Coquette. We got the chef’s tasting menu and started with a cocktail.

The service was very good and the sommelier, or wine guy, as he was called on the menu, was incredibly helpful and fun to talk with.
Even the bread was standout here!

The dishes from the tasting menu follow;

Okay, now this dish was a stand out in a standout meal. I think the waitress said the chef used popcorn stock! to make this. Amazing!!! Crab rice.

This beef was meltingly tender.

Dessert was also excellent - light, sweet and satisfying!

For folks who actually live in the neighborhood, I’m jealous!!


Love Coquette – glad you did, too!

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Yes, you having it on your list helped us decide to go! Thank you!!

Happy to be of some help . . .

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Coquette used to be an automatic hit up for us.
Then we had an average meal and moved on. Will now return, maybe on December.

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I understand that. New Orleans has too many great restaurants to put up with “average.”

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Looks like there is a new chef there. I am willing to to return.

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