Phil's BBQ - San Marcos

Given its legendary status in SoCal, I’m surprised that there isn’t a thread of its own at FTC.

This is my second time at Phil’s and it solidified my view that this place offers tremendous value but you should stick to ordering beef ribs and sides here.

Chicken Wings
I was told that each order has 5 wings but I was given 3 wings and 2 drumsticks? :thinking:

It has a good smokey flavor but a touch dry.

Tri-Tip (deli-sliced)
It was disappointing the first time I had it and this second time didn’t change my mind either.

The smokey tri-tip tastes way too salty since it’s swimming in their signature tangy BBQ sauce (maybe I should’ve gotten the sauce on the side?). As far as texture goes, it’s a bit dry despite them being sliced so thinly.

BBQ Beef Ribs

You can get 5 of these monsters with 2 sides for only $34.99! Is there a 3D beef ribs printing machine in the back?

How was it? Pleasantly smokey and decadently rich. I can’t say that it’s dry, but it ain’t succulent or juicy either as you can tell from the picture. It would also be nice if the sauce that’s slathered on is coating the ribs more evenly too, but can we really complain with this nice low price of let’s say…$6 per rib?

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Phils is controversial since they don’t smoke their meats. We go to the Rancho Bernardo location sometimes and like it for what it is. Check out grand ole bbq y Asado if you’re ever down south.

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That explains why I couldn’t find any trace of smoke ring on their meat! I suppose they cheated with liquid smoke to create their smokey flavor?

The onion rings were always my favorite thing there.

Yep liquid smoke, so lots of purists hate on them and say it’s not actually bbq but lots of people love them down here.

Perhaps that explains how they can churn out those beef ribs at such low price. Thanks for the rec on Grand ole BBQ y Asado!

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If you haven’t been to Grand Ole BBQ y Asado, you haven’t experienced real bbq in SD. The bbq at Phil’s is very pedestrian, in my view. Not worth the lines. Not even close. Completely agree with RD on this. The only other local option, IMO, is Coops.

Completely agree. How would you guys rate Majordomo’s smoked ribs? @RedDevil @DoctorChow Thanks!

Never been there.

Haven’t been to Majordomo yet though it’s on an ever growing list of places in LA to visit. Those pictures of the beef ribs there posted by @PorkyBelly, @Chowseeker1999 and others look pretty amazing though.

I’m an American BBQ novice, that’s why I’m curious about what the veterans think of Majordomo ribs since they’re immensely tender and succulent. If there are even better smoked ribs (not necessarily the taste) , then I’m game!

I love the beef ribs at Phils, the Toro and burger aren’t bad either. I don’t think they use liquid smoke, but they do finish over wood to get some good flavor. Grand Ol BBQ is still my favorite for proper bbq, but it is always such a PITA to deal with.

I believe the original Grand Ole BBQ in North Park is still shut down, but the one out in Flinn Springs is going strong. I was out there just last week. I had the brisket–it was nice having it at lunch time, but it didn’t seem quite as smokey as I remembered it. No tri-tip at new digs, but a full bar and room for live music. I will probably make the drive again, but I’m still hoping for the NP location to reopen.

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I thought the plan was to remodel the one in North Park. I take it from your post that there’s nothing going on.

I was walking past the NP Grand Old BBQ a couple of weeks ago. There was a sign indicating it was closed for renovation. I am hopeful it will be reopened, but sometimes …