Phil's Fish Market after the move

Phil’s was always my go-to stop for great seafood on my way down from the Bay Area to Monterey/Carmel. Has anyone been there since they moved from Moss Landing? I think the menu may have been streamlined since then, but I’m sure I could still find the same great food.

It’s a slight detour off PCH and (using Google maps) it looks like they have the same issue with parking–very little. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the detour and I should find my urge for seafood somewhere else.


The fish market is closed, there is a food truck serving cooked food. Feb 2023

the new location in castroville is open.


So they’ve gone back to the way it was in Moss Landing, and not a food truck anymore? The menu online seems to be more than what they could do in a food truck.

That’s basically what I was hoping for. Thanks!!!

So I went down on Sunday and happily landed at Phil’s. Caution, if you’re coming up 1 from the Bay Area and take the 183 turn off, you might miss it, it’s on the right side of the street from the Castroville Inn. Their sign is much more visible if you connect via route 156 and head north.

I had scallops and chips, and the entire meal was perfect. The bread coating was crispy enough on the outside, and the scallops were right on point–not raw and not overcooked either. French fries were exactly as I like them, not greasy yet crunchy. Sorry I didn’t take a pic worth sharing.

There was much more seating inside than was in Moss Landing, and the patio seemed a bit smaller as well. All in all, I’m glad I had another great meal there.