PHL Airport Eats

Any reccs for decent grub during a four hour layover? TIA.

Around what time?

Hey JKB…we arrive around 7am and leave around 10:30am. We come into Term B and leave out of Term A. Thinking we’ll get some steps in and walk to Term C to Aldo Lamberti before heading to the lounge. Seems to get the best reviews. Some of the hours posted say they’re closed on Sat/Sun, but that feels unlikely. Open to any suggestions. TIA

If you are not against going quickly into the city and out……Sarcones Bakery and Isgro Bakery.

Sarcones for tomato pie and seeded rolls. Isgro for cannoli’s and other Italian sweets. I think Sarcones open at 730a and Isgro opens at 800a.

TBH this is not much help but the times I go into/out Phila I usually just go to Wawa’s