Pho Hai Phong - El Monte

Pho ga - i thought the broth was noteworthy. chicken flavored with no obvious chemical enhancements.

can be ordered with boneless or bone-in chicken, you get more chicken with the latter.

this might be the real reason to go: they’ve got minced ginger suspended in a sweet vinegar sauce that i applied liberally to each piece of chicken in my pho, this container was probably 2/3’s full when we started lunch. i would cheerfully eat shredded cardboard as long as it was doused with this sauce.

the gizzard appetizer includes liver. even the ginger sauce can not save overcooked liver. you have been warned.

the pork that came with the bun combo plate was nicely flavored, and roughly the same texture as undercooked bacon.

after we finished, we discovered the other condiment was a soy-chili mixture that. while being a bit salty for my tastes. i could see a lot of people liking when used in combination with the ginger vinegar mixture over their version of hai nan chicken rice.

everyone at a neighboring table each ordered pho ga, and then ordered a whole chicken to share, that might be the way to go.

a little viet, but mainly cantonese spoken by the patrons who filled the place - in stark contrast to the fluent engllish spoken by the waitress.

in homage to the movie reviews of joe bob briiggs (look up the reference if you need to):

pho ga fu
pork fu
ginger fu
shredded cardboard fu

no breasts but the waitress did show a little cleavage. no aardvarking (for kevin)

the secret asian man says: check’it out.

Pho Hai Phong
10990 Lower Azusa Rd #2
El Monte, CA 91731


I like their Hai Ham Chicken Rice.

The minced ginger, not surprisingly, goes really with the rice.

Thanks man.

I’ll hit that that fucking shit up.

Thanks for looking.

i was kinda torn between that and the pho ga. the pho ga looked more substantial on a value/cost ratio.

apparently no MSG since i did not experience any of the dry-mouth symptoms i typically associate with MSG overload.