Photo Sizes

Why are the photos I post different on different threads? Sometimes they are rectanglular, and other times they are square.

I’ve also noticed one thread will contain different photo shapes depending on the poster.

I use an iPad for photos and posting.

Are they different shapes than you see on your iPad? If so, is part of the image cut off or is it stretched or squished to fit the different dimensions?

Actually, now that I look, they are the same shape on my iPad. I wonder why sometimes they are square?

It looks like your photos are getting cropped if they are oriented landscape, to a not-quite square 1936 pixels wide by 1912 tall. Perhaps not coincidentally, your portrait photos are also 1936 wide (and 2592 tall). There are other people getting way more pixels onto their posts, so I don’t think it’s the site.

Maybe the iPad does something weird when you hold it landscape while taking the picture, and then hold it portrait when you’re posting to FTC?

Hi @Bookwich & Co.

I’m not technical, but I think it also depends on which way the camera (phone) is held when the photo is taken. To have pictures the same size on my reports I photograph food sideways and think rectangle fits and looks better.

Side bar: It’s also good to hit the space button after downloading each photo. The white space in between each picture helps them stand out.


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