Piala - Georgian - Sebastopol

The font’s weird. Is that $690?

I see “$90”

Most if not all of these dishes are from the Kakheti region. It was like a supra in that there were toasts between most of the courses, but not traditional in that there was no singing. Except when I made a toast to the testicles and sang one chorus of “Every Sperm Is Sacred.” Everything was family-style so getting photos was catch as catch can. Looks like I missed the greens.

Jonjoli: one of my dining companions went searching for what might be the only bladdernut tree in California but was unable to find it.

Jigris khaurma: delicious, one of the best offal dishes I’ve had.

Badrijani nivrit (aka nigvzit) - the Kakheti version is assertively vinegary.

hot sauce for the khinkali



Way bigger than the lamb’s head I had at Incanto a few years back.

lamb stewed in its fat, like carnitas

I have yet to be served a testicle that persuaded me they’re worth cooking.

In the background you can see the tkemali, made with rhubarb as you can’t get sour plums here and plums have been out of season since the restaurant opened anyway.

Fabulous meal and a memorable party. I’m excited to go back soon and try the regular menu, which currently includes Dungeness crab khinkali.

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Yeah, the S and $ are really odd.

Got there before 5:00, early enough for happy hour. Only one other party when we arrived but it filled up before we left.

I was catching up with friends so didn’t remember to take photos of everything. The beef & pork khinkali were excellent. Also the Mzhave, assortment of pickled beets, cabbage, turnips, and jonjoli. Beef & lamb kebabs with yogurt sauce were nice.

This was fruity and delicious.

Mushrooms were fantastic. Lots of garlic. May not be back on the menu until next fall’s mushroom season.

Beans with corn & cheese flatbreads. I’ve read recipes for mchadi (same without cheese) and may try them now that I have some idea what they should turn out like. House-fermented hot sauce was really good, went great with the kebabs.

The quince compote, cream, and walnuts made the dish. Two of us don’t usually care much for dessert but we liked this a lot.

Went twice this week.

Wine list is now 100% Georgian except for a couple of wines for people who just won’t go for it.

Didgori Dzelshavi. Best red wine I’ve had in a while. Would have had it both visits but on the first one we drank the last bottle. The Didgori rose was also delicious.

Bunch of new dishes.

The kubdari was great. Even the offal doubters liked it.

Other standouts were the beef & pork kinkhali, imeruli, ajapsqandali (like a spicy ratatoulli with potatoes instead of zucchini), quail, and tolmas. Not on the menu but unfilled flatbread are $3, you really want those with some of the dishes.

Pay at the cash register. Service charge only, no tip line.

On our first visit we got there late and I was surprised to see people still coming in after 10 pm on a Tuesday. I guess there’s more nightlife in Sebastopol than in Berkeley. Very convivial scene.

Looked up “kubdari” and offal wasn’t mentioned. ?

Read the menu.

You think meat from the head is “offal”? Okay. Beef cheek?

It had a fair amount of chewy and crunchy non-meat cartilaginous bits that the offal doubters won’t always eat.

Thanks. Makes sense. Bunch of wimps, eh? :slight_smile:

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Couple of new dishes:

“Lamara’s Garden”: Baby kale, mizuna, dandelion & mustard greens, fresh goat cheese, roasted golden beets, pickled radish & red onion, pomegranate & toasted sunflower seeds, fresh dill, tarragon, mint, cilantro, basil & parsley, mustard & marigold flowers & and tangerine-marigold vinaigrette.

Chakhokhbili: sort of a chicken stew or curry. Great dish.

The Dungeness crab and adjika butter kinkhali are delicious. Didn’t bother to photograph as they look just like the other kinkhali. Ditto the beef & lamb kebabi, which were great with the new made-to-order flatbreads.

Drank a lovely Caleb Leisure “I got it bad” (skin-fermented Pinot Gris). Great meal.

I didn’t get a photo of the first wine, a Tessier pet-nat rosé of Pinot Noir.

That’s winemaker Kristie Tacey at the head of the table.

California variation on tkemali made from rhubarb.

Red eggs and wheatgrass for Orthodox Easter.

The red ball is pkhali

Mourtaou is the French name for what in California we call Cabernet Pfeffer. I think it’s extinct in its native Bordeaux.

The red bean khachapuri was my favorite dish of the feast. Nice with a little of the housemade hot sauce.

Only wine I didn’t like. Tasted musty and off to me. Other people liked it.

Morel & green garlic khinkali were another favorite.

The stew was arguably the best dish. Wish I’d had the appetite to eat more of it!

The meal was about three hours and we were at the table drinking for another hour.