Picca: Any Recent Visits?

Hi all,

I passed by the place on Pico today. I haven’t been in a while.

Still good? Still relevant?

As always, Thanks in Advance!

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Dunno’… I’m in the vicinity often and will try to check it out.

I miss Mo-Chica. I know some had problems with it: price points, portion size, etc. But it was a good fit for me and my family.

The ousted Ricardo Zarate (still want the gossip on that) is due to open a fast-casual in Hollywood soon.

Interest piqued.

… and I think I cursed it. Dang it.

Guess I waited too long. But there’s your answer. Oh well…

Anyone been to Zarate’s new fast casual venture in Hwood?

Is that Rosaliné? Not open, but definitely want to try it.

Mamacita in Hollywood

Oh… nope :slight_smile:

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Look who’s in top of stuff!

I’m excited. I know some had problems with Mo Chica - something about portion size, price points, etc. But I say, it’s hard to charge street food prices when you’re using tenderloin in your lomo saltado :kissing_closed_eyes:. We really liked the food, the atmosphere (the pups loved the vibe) and were bummed to see it closed.