Pick my birthday dinner

Cut off from Open Table after missing a couple of res so I shall have to get on the phone and pick something mid week in 3 weeks.

But I can’t decide where to go and am about to default back to Chi Spacca or Ost. Mozza.

Felix/Bavel/Bestia are booked up.

Other contenders are Hatchet Hall, Runyon, Republique (2nd visits), Factory Kitchen, Norah, Angelini (first visits)

Been to Lucques, AOC, the steakhouses, Spago, Kali, Rossoblu, Rustic C, Little Door, Petit T, Animal, J&V, Wolf, others.

Never been to Melisse, Michael, Lukshon, Cassia

If you happen to think of something, plz help me pick something not Japanese and not very swirly, eatble flowery, 1 bite dish spots since Nemroz 2.0

broken spanish.
also had a great meal at salts cure just recently but would take chi spacca over it.

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Republique (you’re okay with repeating, right?)

Skip Angelini (I just went last month; downhill alert), Lukshon, Melisse



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May be irrational but it isn’t calling me

I do think Melisse is worth it if you’ve never been. But there are a lot of great options

Providence and Somni. Just had to do it!

Maybe Valentino before they close soon?

A few weeks ago we had a very elegant and tasty dinner at Petrossian in West Hollywood. Food was delicious and beautifully prepared, ambiance was calm and classy, and service excellent. Under the radar kind of place. None of the hype and rudeness you see sometimes spoil your day.


Could be too swirly but Simone might be dope.

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A Lukshon shout out from you?

Tesse - really hitting it’s stride now, IMHO.
But if you get the pork chop gently remind them not to over cook it.

ooh… sounds really good but goes against my vow to not go in the first month of any opening

edit* Booked!

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Gwen or Hearth & Hound?


Edit* Booked

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If you dine at The Hearth and Hound you are supporting the chef/owner April Bloomfield. Many women who were sexually assaulted by her business partner, Ken Friedman, said that they told Bloomfield only to be told by her if they wanted to work at The Spotted Pig they must put up with his assaults.



If I had that vow, I would break it for a recommendation from @CiaoBob. His taste in food and restaurants is impeccable.

Got it. Wasn’t his suggestion :slight_smile:

My mistake. I thought you were responding to his suggestion of Tesse.

Wow, thanks.
Mom…is that you? :grin:


Odys & Penelope?

Cassia’s charcuterie platter was one of the most memorable dishes I’ve had in recent years.

Broken Spanish is great but to me not celebratory like e.g. Osteria Mozza, Chi Spacca, etc.

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