Picture auto resize?

Is there an option for this in the software? I was trying to post some pictures from my phone and the file size was too big on a couple of them. I just got a new phone so this is the first time I encountered this problem. It kept saying “max file size 3000k” or something to that nature.

Just curious if it exists.

The upload limit for Discourse is reportedly 10 megabytes. It’s unlikely your phone photos are bigger than that.

If you’re hitting an upload limit on your phone or its internet service provider, you need to reduce the file size on your end before uploading.

@A5KOBE, not sure if this is what you mean by “resize” but you can manually make the pictures/images you upload smaller in physical size (not file size), by adjusting the “width” and “height” parameters in your preview screen, as highlighted below.

The default parameter, for this image, is 96x96.

If you adjust it to, for example, 46x46 you get a smaller image as shown below.

Not sure if that answers your question or concern, but hope that helps.

For a couple pictures, it gets this screen.

I think the max file size is 3mb because my picture I was trying to upload is only 3.1mb.

Yes, that is a nice quick and easy fix. I will keep that in mind.

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The software won’t even let me get to that point but your suggestion did inspire a quick fix. I can simply crop the photo smaller perhaps as it seems the photos are just a tiny bit too much over the max. I checked the metadata and the photo in question is just over at 3.1mb.

Not a big deal.

Test : here is one of the pictures in question.

Okay so I cropped out the minute edges of the container and it worked. Nobody is missing anything and picture still maintains the quality.

I don’t believe that limit is on the host side. I’m sure I’ve uploaded larger.

Maybe it’s the cell phone network provider.

Yeah, you are definitely right. I am not quite sure what it is. Perhaps a setting within the phone since I uploaded a very large photo on my laptop from the same network.

Thank for the replies. Greatly appreciated.

robert, by chance is there a ratio aspect min requirement or another requirement for photos?

On my laptop, I successfully uploaded a photo that was 6.7mb no problem. I then tried to upload my 3.1mb photo on the same laptop and it incurred the same “max size is 3072KB” message. Maybe this is a dimension issue?

my 3.1mb photo is 4032 x 3024. (did not upload)

the 6.7mb photo is 7360 x 4912. (uploaded)

Just wondering, does anyone else who has a iPhone 6s plus have this problem with larger pictures? Not quite sure what is going on. hahaha

Not a big deal. I have a quick fix but I am persistent on getting a resolution. :smile: Just my nature I guess.

Actually the maximum image size is 3072KB. The system is supposed to automatically resize larger images.

Apparently that fails sometimes, I reported that as a bug:


Like @robert said, Discourse will automatically try to downsize large images to fit within the limits of the “max_image_size_kb” setting. It was set to 3MB and I changed it to 10MB.

@A5KOBE can you try again and see if you still get the error?

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looks like it is working now! Thanks!

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