Pie Life Pizza in Pasadena - Anyone been yet?

From Eater LA:

I enjoyed Pie Life quite a bit. We got a whole pepperoni pizza, and it came out quickly and hot as hell. The pepperoni was delicious and of good quality, and the sauce was nice too. It was pretty damn greasy, but that’s a plus in my book. And it’s awesome that it’s right next to Jones - espresso + pizza is actually a pretty dope combo.

You should know, though, that I’m not particularly picky about my pizza - I love the hell out of pizza in just about any form, and I’ve never understood people who complain about it.

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I still can’t quite stomach the new and improved Domino’s pizza of the past decade and a half or so.

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Neither am I. Hell, I even enjoy Costco pizza. Thanks for all the info! I’ll check it out when I’m in the area.

I don’t think I’ve had Domino’s in about 10 or so years. :grin:

I think someone mentioned that they liked all pizzas for the most part.

These days I definitely don’t like domino’s.

And Casa Bianca has gone slightly downhill.

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I apparently wasn’t here for casa bianaca’s ‘glory days’, but then, anything that’s been around a while will always have folks that swear it was better ‘back in the day…’

That said, I love Casa Bianca as an outpost of thoroughly midwestern red-sauce italian. The pizza is thin, hot, and not overly sweet. The garlic bread is crunchy and greasy on top with a soft interior, the ravioli are huge and puffy and no one in the place has ever heard of the phrase ‘al dente’, and that’s just fine.

It’s open late, it’s cheap, it’s friendly, it’s consistent, and while I won’t claim it’s the ‘best’ of anything, it’s very good. It’s an exemplary neighborhood place.

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I definitely can’t argue with that.

it is good, and cheap, and a solid neighborhood fucking joint, too bad it ain’t in my neighborhood, but then again I fucking digress.

but yes, that was not a knock on the joint.

Their fried eggplant pizza is great, but their pizzas got smaller a couple of years ago. The XL is not what it used to be.

That’s cuz you guys probably have never had the pleasure of dining at Pizza Patrón.

Lucky you.

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Pizza Patron looks like something you would make a drinking buddy eat on a dare.

I would not take that dare.

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Didn’t really want to start a new thread… Is Mother Dough well liked amongst FTCers? I haven’t been there since they first opened, 4 or so years ago, but I’m going tonight. I remember liking it a lot, but just curious as to what y’all think.

I like it. Quite a bit.

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I’ve gone to Mother Dough a couple of times. It’s very good. The crust is clearly the star. Charred, chewey, and dee-lish.

I think it’s quite good, and compares well to Mozza.

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I like both Mozza and Mother Dough, but I don’t really think they are comparable, esp. when it comes to the crust.

Mother Dough is soft and chewy (in a good way). Mozza is crisp and light (but not cracker like).

Again both good, but just different in execution.

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I like soft and chewy crusts, so that’s good to hear! Thanks, ipse and @lectroid!

By the way, happy (very) belated birthday @thechez5


Aw, thank you! :smile:

Happy birthday Chez.

It’s like Ipse is a fucking mind reader.

How does he know all these bdays ???

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Thank you, @kevin!
I dare not question the all knowing, all powerful Ipse. :grin:

Just ate here today. A very solid NY style thin crust