Pie Room by Gwen

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The sweet and savory bakery will serve fare inspired by Stone’s Australian roots and his years of cooking in London, where meat pies, handheld Cornish-style pasties, and steamed dessert puddings sit behind pastry cases.

Working in tandem with Gwen, Stone’s Hollywood butcher shop and restaurant, the pie room will use specialty meats and trimmings for fillings like oxtail and pickled onion; lamb curry with cumin-spiced potatoes; rabbit with mustard and tarragon; and chicken with leeks. Pastry chef Amy Taylor will layer the butcher shop’s tallow, leaf lard and wagyu fat into some of the crusts.

Other offerings will include hand pies with a traditional beef and stout filling and a less traditional version with beef Bolognese with smoked mozzarella; egg-and-cheddar breakfast pasties; French apple tarts and almond galettes; chutneys, relishes and a gourmet tomato sauce; and family-sized pies, imported snacks and pantry goods.


It’s great to see chefs hustling to do whatever they need to in order to survive, but I do hold out hope that once this is all over and things get back to normal that we’ll see the return of fine dining/big ticket meals in this city. I appreciated Chef Stone’s approach at Maude/Gwen and would like to see his return to experimental approach to cooking and menus when the financials make sense.

That said, some of the pies described have my mouth watering and I can’t wait for the inevitable Pie Room vs. Fat + Flour pie crust title fight.

This especially seems like a shot across the bow:

Pastry chef Amy Taylor will layer the butcher shop’s tallow, leaf lard and wagyu fat into some of the crusts.



The two things them Aussies do extremely well… coffee and savory pies

For anyone else who hadn’t heard of leaf lard:

“Leaf lard specifically comes from the soft, visceral fat from around the pig’s kidneys and loin. As such, it has a very delicate, super spreadable consistency at room temperature. This, along with its clean, un-porky flavor, is why leaf lard is considered the highest grade of lard.”


Surfas used always carry it as we would get into summer / fall pie season… You have to render it yourself. But it’s so clean and great to use

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I am looking forward to trying but the PR/IG machine makes it seem precious and affected, as well as pricey. But if its tasty then who cares about that shite?


At $30 for a key lime pie, they seem comparably priced to other higher end pie places. Certainly less than Fat + Flour, which hasn’t stopped us from buying their pies :joy: Hope the quality matches the price, but they had some great sounding selections from the e-mail blast they sent out.



Did Gwen takeout this past Thanksgiving.

The Salted Caramel Apple Pie was legit.


Legit or Totally worth it legit?

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Worth it.

I think it was like $40?

It is a beast of a pie, heavy and full sized. But it’s surprisingly airy when you take a bite, not dense or mushy at all. Apples were crisp and tart and matched perfectly with the ever so slightly burnt caramel top.

Would buy again.


suddenly a new contender has emerged. the chicken and leek pie was incredible. the crust was thin, buttery, and flaky, but I think what was inside was the real star, tender and juicy chicken (white and dark) with a delicious and comforting leek gravy/sauce. @TheCookie, @NYCtoLA

this may have jumped up the top of my pie list, I’ll need to do some more research to be certain. I think an @rlw style pie death match is in order, and I volunteer to be judge.

the lamb was really rich and a bit salty but nothing a little ketchup couldn’t fix, ask for curtis’s homemade tomato sauce.

the sausage rolls were delicious little pigs in a blanket to prepare you for the main event. the filling had more of a meatball texture than a sausage.

pro tip: call in your order the day before, they were completely soldout around noon when I picked up.
reheat at 350 for 30 minutes to get it piping hot.

gwen sausage roll

chicken, leek & thyme pie

lamb curry hotpot - cilantro-onion chutney, cumin-spiced potatoes

cleaned out


Chicken, Leeks in Pie. Oh My!

I need to be on Beverly one day this week. All over it!


best to arrive early or call ahead, lest you be disappointed.

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