Pierluigi - Rome

I walked by this place one evening on my way home from the supermarket and thought it looked great, checked out reports online and the consensus seemed to be that it was one of the better seafood places in Rome, for example:


When I ordered the soppressata pulpo the waiter suggested topping it with shavings of ovoli mushrooms (Amanita caesarea), which we’ve been seeing in the markets. Great combination, added a subtle earthiness to the octopus. €16

One of my dining companions had this lovely assortment of seafood carpaccios (€20). Another had a very nice rustic dish of polipetti al vino (€20). Another had the fried baccalà (€18), twice the price of Dar Filettaro’s and not as good.

I was planning to get a pasta with sea urchin and hazelnuts, but they were out, so I got the strozzapreti with vongole and mazzancole (€22) instead. Best thing I’ve had to eat so far on this trip. I hope I can find a pizza as good as this pasta was. I guess I was too caught up in the experience to take a photo. Tasted my companions’ paccheri “amatriciana” (€22) which was very good but I preferred mine.

For the main course we shared a whole San Pietro (John Dory) sauteéd with white wine, garlic, and rosemary, delicious though slightly overcooked. If I’d bothered to read price on the menu and known it was €205 a kilo I might have sent it back but no regrets, that’s one of my favorite fish and we never get it at home.

Extensive wine list with some good values among the Italian bottles. We had an Argiolas “Is” Vermentino, a Taburno Falanghina, and a Lageder “Römigberg” Schiava.


I’m vicariously reading through these reports. Loving it! :stuck_out_tongue: