Pierre Herme in da hood!

I believe this is the 1st official US outpost, tiny selection but nonetheless its Pierre Herme!! Apparently the fabled macarons are flown in from France


Yes!!! I was so excited when I heard about this. I ran over after work the same day I found out! The vanille infiniment tart is amazing, as are the macarons. Favorites are the mogador and rose lychee. So glad to have a PH outpost in new york!

I too heard from the cashier that the macarons were flown in from Paris, but the pastries are made by a PH pastry chef flown in from France.

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Do they have eclairs? The ones we had in Paris were fantastic. The best eclair and one of the best pastries I’ve ever had.

Don’t see any on this Saks menu

Oof I can’t quite remember but I don’t think they did when I went. They had the ispahan, macarons, vanilla and chocolate tarts, and a choux pastry thing. You can call them up and ask though! Just call the L’avenue line.

WTF!!! You’ve been holding out all this time??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@js76wisco alas no eclairs, only 6 items offered

@Sgee Thanks. I’ll probably still go grab some macarons and try the other pastries anyway.

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: my bad!! i spread it on my social networks but alas forgot to post here on FTC… i do wish they had done a better job of publicizing PH, imo it’s a bigger deal than L’Avenue lol.

Please try the vanille infiniment! It’s so good. The choux thing was ok but not my fav, a little savory. I want to go back and try the chocolate tart and the cheesecake thing, and whatever else they have.

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I know!!! Seriously there is virtually nothing out there besides a 1 liner hidden deep within the press release for L’Avenue. If Saks wants to increase their post renovation traffic, I would have published a full page ad in the NYTimes and WSJ announcing PH’s grand opening! Time to fire their PR co :smile:

Btw picked up the vanilla item and ispahan and a requisite box of macarons.

Oh my, just had the Ispahan and the L’infiniment vanille. OMG, these are by far the BEST (non-restaurant) executed patisseries I’ve ever had in the US!!! World class.

I hope they expand the offerings!!!


Right??? Glad you enjoyed them!! Funny story, I visited paris 2 years ago with my husband and wanted to get the PH vanilla tart but was dissuaded at the moment since we were already getting like 3 other things. On the day of our departure, stopped by a PH shop but sadly they didn’t have the tart. Regretted it for two years since and tried to find it at other locations (seoul) with no luck… so you can imagine my joy and excitement when I saw they were finally in nyc :slight_smile:

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Vanilla is my favorite flavor so this was just heaven for me :grin:. You can taste the quality of vanilla used.

How ironic, after your worldwide pursuit of the tart, its now available in your backyard!

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Beyond jealous at the moment…


:grin:… my wish finally came true. Fun fact, I sent a LinkedIn email in 2014 to the then newly appointed CEO of Saks Marigay McKee. Begging her to consider bringing PH (& a Harrods style foodhall) to the BH Saks when they were renovating that location as a means of refreshing the dowdy store image. Alas it appears she only lasted 15mths in the role.

Time to LAtoNYC :wink: