Pijja Palace - Silverlake

When I heard about a sports bar with Indian pizza and pasta opened up, I had to stop by and see what it was all about. Pijja Pizza opened in Silverlake not too long ago and rests in a tiny strip mall on Sunset Blvd and according to their Instagram page “next to the Comfort Inn”. I am always down to try some Indian food, but the addition of a sports bar with flat screen tv’s showing Dodgers games along with pizza, chicken wings, pasta and alcohol, seemed like a no brainer to try it out.

As you enter, you are greeted with pizza IG photo backdrop and a welcoming staff (not pictured).

The menu is one of those menus where everything sounds good.

Alcohol served. Check. A delicious Martini-ish!

Started off with the dosa onion rings which were nicely done, a tad oily and served with a sweet sauce. Eat the onion rings with their curry leaf ranch dressing. Trust me.

Next came the yellow wings served with our choice of curry leaf ranch. The wing has a slight curry flavor with a bit of sweet glaze all brought together with that amazing curry ranch. Dunk wings in that ranch. The horseradish microplaned on top added another tinge of flavor😍

After much consideration, we opted for the malai rigatoni :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Just amazing! Imagine the spicy rigatoni vodka with a subtle tikka masala flavor and a beautiful punch of heat to liven all those flavors. The texture of the pasta was a nice al dente. Each bite of rigatoni oozes that lovely sauce into your mouth. Definitely order this.

Next came the saag pijja (pizza) which came out piping hot. They served the pijja with their house blend of parmesan cheese, oregano, fenugreek, chili pepper and possibly other ingredients I forgot. Sprinkle copious amounts of this mixture on your pizza and dunk in their curry ranch. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Pro-Tip: order more curry ranch for pizza dunking

To finish off the meal, we ended with the cookies and cardamom soft serve. Basically a house made soft serve infused with cardamom and adorned with crumbled Oreo cookies. A nice way to end the meal on a high note.

If this sounds like your jam, definitely stop by and enjoy. Oh yeah, and the Dodgers won!


If anyone is interested Artesia’s Little India also has a few Indian pizza joints. The dessert and pasta sounds great here!

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Great report! @A5KOBE :pray::+1:

The last time I had a cardamom flavored soft serve was at Manhattan Beach Post a few years ago before they discontinued it. Looking forward to trying this version along with the savories. I’m also intrigued because I read the menu was developed by a former sous chef of Roberta’s Culver City branch according to EaterLA.


Wasn’t a fan of Cowboys and Turbans but this looks worth a try.

All looks delicious. One question: what is the connection between a real dosa and the dosa onion rings?

Strange color for a martini.

Per the menu, urad lentil batter.


I drove by and wanted to stop - is there outdoor dining?

If you enjoy cookie and cream, you’ll enjoy this version. Apparently I was supposed to use the garlic bread to sop up all the leftover sauce from the rigatoni? Rookie move on my part.

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I didn’t see any outdoor dining.

Thank you very much! I’m tightening up my indoor dining again, and dislike trying a place via take out the first time. Ah well, here we go again.

We didn’t like it. But if you classify it as “sports bar” then it may well be best in LA. Best in America even.


I mean, say what you want about the tenets of Pijja Palace, at least it has an ethos.


Place is fantastic.
Loved the Fried Okra, Chutney pijja and Masala rigatoni.
Chopped Salad w/ Chaat Vinaigrette, Grated Egg was delicious.

I wish the beer selection was a little more exotic/unpredictable than some Stones, a Ballast Point, Sierra Nevada etc.
Enjoyed the Westmalle Dubble Trappist Ale and a Hazy IPA though.

Here’s my shitty group picture:


So many local craft beer options that actually distribute through many of the same channels you’d be getting Stone kegs from. I’m always disappointed when good restaurants don’t have a great tap list. Makes me not want to go back.

And this place is a Sports Bar. But maybe that stuff sells a lot better

What is the reservation situation here? I never see any times available on Resy. Walk in friendly?

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I wanted to like it. I was excited. But it just wasn’t good. The lentil dumplings dish in our picture was literally raw — I’m talking “there is no way any sane chef would think this is servable” raw. We told the server and he said it was supposed to be undercooked. Okay, whatever. I’ve eaten a boatload of Indian food, I’ve traveled in India, and nobody eats raw lentil dumplings. The pizza suffered from the basic problem that they don’t have a super-hot pizza oven. It’s bound to taste bready as a result. I didn’t find the toppings very inspired either. Our pictures make me want to eat there again but I won’t go back.

Ditto. It’s super weird on Resy. Typically 100% booked out for the week

I walked in solo on saturday at about 930 and they sat me right away. Not very helpful, I know. Onion rings were meh, but I enjoyed the chutney. Yellow wings were pretty good, but the ranch was delicious. The rigatoni was delicious and I’ll go back just for that.

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