Pizza Cafe LA?

I’d been noticing this newish place in a strip mall on the nightmare stretch of Fletcher btw Glendale Blvd and Riverside in Silver Lake. Usually traffic is such that you can’t even get in and out of the parking lot much of the day, but finally last week I made an effort to pick some up on my way home from work and I’ve already been back bc holy shit. It was not at all what I was expecting.

It is a mysterious operation. As best as I can tell there is a single pizzaiolo named Diego, who clearly cares very deeply about pizza (I’m honestly not sure if there are other employees but if there are I haven’t seen one) . He explained that the NY pie he makes is in the old school Grimaldi’s/Lombardi’s/etc vein, it reminded me a bit of Desano and I’d say was at least as good. Two days later I was back for the Detroit pie, which I’d never had despite the proliferation of the style in recent years, and good God it was delicious. I don’t really have a frame of reference, but while generally I am not a fan of “deep dish” pizza I think this is the one I’ll be going back for. He offers it with Wisconsin brick cheese but suggested I go with his mozzarella/parm blend and despite the 90 minutes it took to make, I was not complaining.

There is a lot of other stuff on the menu for such a minimal set up: wings, the seemingly obligatory chopped cheese, even smash burgers … it really just struck me as ambitious for a completely nondescript and generically named strip mall pizza shop with one dude. Anyone know anything about it?


No but nice 'hounding!


You waited 90 minutes for your pizza??? Your patience is next level.


It reminded me a bit of my wait time experiences with Di Fara in years past so maybe it was nostalgia that got me through it.

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Extremely dope intel, thank you! I will be calling ahead and parking next to Astro Diner.

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