Pizza City Fest - Did anyone go to 2023? 2024 is just around the corner

There’s a lot of vendors here but I’m not sure I can eat $125 worth of pizza.

General Admission - $125

  • 1PM entry
  • Unlimited beverages & pizza
  • Access to the “Collab Lab”
  • Panel discussions, seminars and demos from the Nations’ most respected pizzaiolos

VIP - $200

  • 12PM entry (one hour before General Admission guests)
  • Unlimited beverages & pizza
  • Assorted salads & desserts
  • Access to the “Collab Lab”
  • Preferred seating at panel discussions, seminars and demos from the Nations’ most respected pizzaiolos
  • VIP gift
  • Pizza City Fest VIP credential
  • Access to exclusive VIP lounge with seating

reddit review:


Not unless @Clayfu brings the Astrea. You’d have to Uber and drink up your admission.


How many of them can meet their usual standards cooking in a different kitchen? Seems dubious to me.

pretty serious double decker pizza ovens being used. I bet some will even do Gonzos.

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I just asked my wife - she said she wants to go. so I guess I’m going. Will bring caviar


I went to the one last year and thought it was excellent. You’ll never eat $125 worth of pizza but if you like pizza, you can probably taste 12-15 slices (they cut 'em pretty small) which would be a lot cheaper than flying around the country, plus you can usually interact with some fairly famous pizzaiolos. It’s a well-executed event that’s one of the few worth paying for.


Are there any out-of-state pizzerias on this year’s list?

hm I don’t see any yet, but there were a few last year. maybe they’ll be added later

I’ve never understood why they don’t have spittoons at these kind of events. Still we have it penciled in to our schedules.

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the trashcan ha

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Surprisingly good review. Usually read about these festival disasters after, comparing it to “Fyre” fests

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Anyone on ftc going?

Im likely going, probably the first day